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After author Jeff Lindsay published a novel in 2004 called Darkly Dreaming Dexter, the first episode of the TV series DEXTER was released by Showtime in 2006. Thus, the character Dexter Morgan, became America's favorite serial killer.

The last Dexter book in the series was published in 2015. There are major plot differences between the two, involving the characters, roles, and story lines.

Jeff Lindsay

List of Novels

As of 2020, there are eight novels in the series.

(First novel) A majority of Season One was based on this book, from Dexter's encounter with Father Donovan to his ultimate confrontation with his brother Brian, although the endings differ.

(Second novel) The Showtime series no longer follows the book plots. Dexter and Sgt. Doakes reluctantly team up against a threat from Doakes' past, a killer which not only captures the attention of the Miami-Dade Police, but also from the Feds.

(Third novel) A major plot element received mixed reviews. With his wedding near, Dexter must face the fact that he now has a family. He also deals with the sudden silence of his Dark Passenger after he's is in the presence of a gruesome double murder crime scene.

(Fourth novel) After his honeymoon in Paris, life is almost normal for Dexter. He’s devoted to his bride, his stomach is full, and his homicidal hobbies are nicely under control. But old habits die hard when he discovers that a new serial killer is on the loose.

(Fifth novel) After the birth of Dexter's daughter, Lily Anne, his family bliss is cut short when he investigates the disappearance of a teenage girl, and discovers a coven of cannibals.

(Sixth novel) Dexter has just finished dispatching a serial child killer when he discovers that he's being watched. When he begins to get creepy emails, suspects that he has a copy cat.

(Seventh novel) A mega-star, famous for losing himself in his characters, descends on the Miami-Dade Police Department for "research." He soon becomes fixated on Dexter due to a hidden agenda.

(Eighth novel) Dexter is suspected of the murder of three people -- his wife, his lover, and a famous movie star. If this isn't bad enough, a detective has framed him as a pedophile. Along with these problems, Dexter's brother, Brian, involves him in a conflict with a drug cartel.


Each Dexter novel has been released in multiple formats (including on technological devices, such as NOOK).

  • Hardcover. The cover and binding are rather strong, allowing for extended use.
  • Paperback. A medium-sized book (a bit smaller than the hardcover) with an easy to read format.
  • Mass Market Paperback. A small format compact book. It retails at a lower price than the others.
  • E-Reader style. Data that can be purchased off a website, using products such as Kindle, iPad, and Nook.

After the release of the Showtime series, a few of the novels were reprinted to feature Michael C. Hall and had "stickers" on the front with comments about the television series.

A collection of the first four novels came out known as the "Killer Collection." Wrapped in plastic, a cardboard case holds the four books (Paperback, normal size) with an opening on two sides to allow the books to be slipped out and back in.


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  • Each of the novels has both Dexter's name in the title and alliteration, except for the seventh novel, Dexter's Final Cut. The eighth novel resumed the trend, being titled Dexter Is Dead.

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