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Dexter Morgan (alias Jim Lindsay)

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Dexter Morgan is the main character in the Showtime series Dexter: New Blood. He is also the title character in the Showtime original series DEXTER and in the Dexter Novels.

Ten years after Season Eight, Dexter began to live a whole new life under a false name, Jim Lindsay, in the small town of Iron Lake, NY, where he had moved into a few years prior to the start of the series. With a normal job at a local game shop and a Chief of Police girlfriend, it seemed he had gotten life under control – until his son, Harrison, showed up and turned his world upside down. Rattled, Dexter yielded to his homicidal urges by killing Matt Caldwell.


Dexter runs in the snow, gun in hand, through a forest. He points the gun at a white stag but doesn’t shoot - instead he falls to his knees in the snow. He does a variety of chores, like chopping wood, starting a fire, feeding some goats and other animals, before going inside.

Dexter goes inside, where Deb is waiting in her house robe. Dexter comments on how cold it is outside and she responds, “You’re the one that picked this place.” They sit at a table and Deb, seemingly a vision in Dexter’s mind, disappears.

Dexter gets in his truck and drives past a sign that reads “Welcome to Iron Lake”. A cop pulls him over and asks for his license and registration. He hands over a New York State driver’s license that says “James Lindsay” on it. He tells her “Jim” is what he goes by and she asks him to step out of the vehicle before patting him down. She pulls him in for a kiss and they laugh before having sex in her car. The cop, Chief Angela Bishop, gets paged and has to go. She kisses Dexter and tells him to stop by the station later.

Dexter goes into town and sees the pastor, who he is friendly with, and he promises to go to line dancing later on. Dexter greets everyone else in town, appearing to be a popular guy around the area.

Dexter rounds the corner and sees the butcher slicing into a pig. He longingly looks at the bloody floor and then hands the butcher a sharp set of knives that he requested. “You’re a lifesaver, Jimmy”.

Dexter goes into Fred's Fish & Game and puts on his work badge and vest. He helps a customer, Matt Caldwell, buy a knife and a rifle to go hunting. The customer gets flagged in the FBI background check and can’t buy a gun for 24 hours, which upsets him but he accepts it.

Dexter and Angela go out line dancing. He goes to grab drinks, chatting with the bartender that he knows, who tells him Matt Caldwell is picking up everyone’s bar tab. Dexter refuses the offer and dances with Angela. Matt comes over and invites Dexter to a party at his dad’s house. He then asks Dexter if he can get that rifle early but Dexter said his background check needs to clear first. “Man, this Eagle Scout loves his rules!” Matt exclaims. He tells him to still come to the party.

The next day, Dexter runs in the snow and sees the white buck. “Beautiful”. Something scares it and it runs off. Dexter thinks he sees someone in the distance. At home, Dexter tells an imaginary Deb, “I have the feeling I’m being watched”. Imaginary Deb tells him to stick to his routine.

Dexter goes back to the store the next morning and sees that Matt Caldwell’s background check is still pending. He helps more customers at the store. He goes on his lunch break and passes a group of protesters screaming “Drilling is killing, save the planet, shame on you”. Angela walks up and tells him that a petrol billionaire is in the local tavern and that’s who they’re protesting.

Dexter turns around and thinks he sees someone in a hooded sweatshirt watching him. Back at the store, Dexter’s boss tells him to just sell the gun to Matt because the background check cleared and his dad is a friend of the store. He asks Dexter to deliver the gun and reluctantly, Dexter agrees. A party is happening at the house. His friend, Bill, sees Dexter and brings him upstairs to get a signature for the gun. Matt is having sex with someone and Bill tells him to wait.

Bill pours out coke on a counter and snorts a line while Dexter waits. Bill starts to complain to Dexter about Matt and his friends, how they call him dickface and take his girls. Bill opens up about the boat accident he and Matt were in, where five people died. Bill admits he covered for Matt at the trial (in exchange for $2,000 a week and a Rolex) and that Matt was really culpable for what happened that day. Bill realizes he told Dexter more than he should and asks him to keep quiet about it. Dexter recognizes the girl who was sleeping with Matt - Becka. She begs him not to tell her dad.

Dexter finally hands Matt the paperwork for the gun and has him sign. He kisses the gun in glee. Dexter imagines shoving the gun into Matt’s face but resists. He leaves the party.

Dexter goes home and sees someone inside his house. He grabs an axe and walks around the back of the house. He finds a young man going through his things. The guy asks him, “Are you Dexter Morgan? It’s me. Harrison.” An imaginary Deb tells him “You can’t, everyone close to you dies, that’s why we’re here.” Dexter tells his son that he’s not actually Dexter. Harrison tells him that he looks just like he remembered. Deb lists all of the people in his life he’s lost. She pulls up her shirt to reveal a gunshot wound. Dexter tells Harrison he seems like a good kid and gives him a suggestion for a bus and shelter to leave this town. Harrison leaves.

Dexter looks down at the photos Harrison was going through and sees a photo of Dexter with Harrison as a baby. Dexter burns the photo. Dexter has nightmares about Deb. Deb tells him he’s a changed man now - almost ten years without a kill.

Dexter runs in the snow again to find the white stag again. This time he approaches the stag and pets it. As he pets it, it gets shot by Matt Caldwell. The stag’s blood splatters all over Dexter’s face. Dexter hits Matt over the head with his gun. He takes Matt’s knife and tries to resist using it but thinks “it’s been a long time”. He first cuts the stag’s neck to make its blood bleed everywhere. He puts the bloody knife back into Matt’s pants.

Back at home, Dexter puts plastic up in the shed and lays down Matt’s body, still alive. Dexter apologizes for the mess because he’s out of practice. Dexter tells Matt to own all of the bad things he’s done. If not, he’ll kill him. Dexter tells Matt he used to be a serial killer - then he corrects himself saying “I am”. Matt admits to all of his wrongdoings on the boat. Matt screams “it’s not my fault” because he had a shitty childhood.

Dexter stabs Matt in the chest. Angela calls him and asks him where he is because he’s supposed to be at the Christmas festival. He tells her a fox got in the hen house and that he’ll see her tomorrow. He dismembers Matt’s body and gets in his car, where imaginary Deb is waiting to ask him what the f*** he is doing.

Dexter drives to the bus station to find Harrison. He tells him that he was right- he is Dexter Morgan. He asks Harrison to come home. They drive home together. Spatters of blood can be seen in the snow outside Dexter's cabin.

Dexter and Harrison chat awkwardly in Dexter’s cabin, where Dexter seems at a loss for words when talking to the son he abandoned. Dexter makes Harrison a sandwich while Harrison looks around Dexter’s place. Harrison tells Dexter he found a letter he wrote him when his stepmom Hannah died from pancreatic cancer. In the letter, Dexter explains that he didn’t really die. Harrison explains how he managed to track down Dexter - through the name Jim Lindsay and a photo posted on Instagram. He asks what happened to “Dexter” and he responds it’s a long story and they should get some rest.

Dexter hears tapping on his window and it’s an imaginary Debra, tapping the window with a gun bullet. She tells him he’s a selfish psycho who will fuck up Harrison, if he doesn’t end up getting him killed first.

Dexter wakes up before Harrison the next morning and quietly leaves. He notices a blood trail on the snow outside. He shuffles the snow to hide the blood. Several cop cars roll up and Angela gets out of the car, explaining to Dexter that Matt went missing in the woods last night and his house is the best spot to set up a search camp. Dexter tells everyone to set up and that he’ll bring out breakfast and coffee.

Dexter drives in the forest as part of the search party, “searching for Matt”, but really covering up the blood trail that leads back to his cabin. Debra laughs at him as he tries to cover up his tracks. He finds a bloody rock and cleans it with Windex.

Dexter drops one of Matt’s gloves near the highway to throw searchers off the track. He comes back to where the white buck was shot and he comes across members of the Seneca reserve who are horrified about the dead buck. He gets angry with Angela and accuses Matt of killing the stag and running away.

Fred runs up with the glove that Dexter placed, claiming he found it near the highway and it looks like one that Matt was wearing. Angela orders for them to test the blood to see if it matches the buck. She tells Dexter and Harrison to take the buck back while they process the evidence.

Gig helps cut up the buck to find the bullet that killed it. Dexter matches it to the bullets he sold Matt. Angela tells Dexter they need to talk.

Angela tells Dexter she’s thrilled Harrison is here and that it’s okay he’s been private about his past. Angela admits she has secrets too - she’s not Audrey’s birthmother. She gives him advice about parenting - enroll him in school, show up, get him a car, get him into college prep, and so on.

Later on, Dexter shows Harrison a cot in a small room and tells him it’s here if he wants to stay. Harrison tells him he came for answers not a cot. He asks why Dexter left and why he wrote “write if Harrison gets any dark tendencies” in the letter he wrote. Dexter explains that he never saw anything dark in Harrison - only in himself. “Walking away from you was the hardest thing I’ve ever done,” Dexter says to Harrison. Harrison tells him that all of his memories of Dexter were good. He agrees to stay “for a while”. They decide to have pancakes in the morning.

Dexter goes to get Harrison to bring him to the school to talk to the principal. Logan tells Harrison to join the wrestling team and Harrison agrees to consider it. Angela tells everyone there was a break in the Matt Caldwell case.

At school, the principal questions Jim (Dexter) and Harrison about Harrison’s moving history and why his GPA suddenly dropped one year. Harrison explains it’s because his step mom died and then he went into foster care, which shocks the principal who wonders where Dexter was. Harrison explains it wasn’t Dexter’s fault because he had no way to contact them at the time.

At the station, the receptionist tells Jim (Dexter) there is footage of Matt Caldwell shooting the deer. He seems horrified that there are cameras out there that could've caught him. Angela calls Dexter in to “clear something up”, to identify that the gun the person on film was holding was the same that Dexter sold Matt Caldwell. Dexter confirms it’s a similar gun.

A crime scene investigator from Albany was called in to run a series of tests at the crime scene. Dexter asks to watch because he's a huge CSI fan. The investigator finds human blood at the scene that was mixed with the deer blood. Damian, the investigator, guesses what happened at the scene which is strangely accurate. Dexter gets flustered.

Jim (Dexter) receives a call from the principal to come down to the school. She explains that Harrison scored higher than anyone else on the placement exam but she believes he cheated when the teacher left the room. Harrison maintains his innocence.

Back at the search camp, Angela tells Jim (Dexter) that search dogs will arrive tomorrow. Deb tells Dexter that he needs to move Matt’s body ASAP before they come. Harrison tells Dexter he got an even higher score in the second placement exam they forced him to take to prove that he didn’t cheat.

Dexter digs up Matt’s body. He pulls out Matt’s vest and takes it to the crime scene. He drags it around the woods to lead the search dogs into another direction.

Back at the search camp, Logan walks up to Jim (Dexter) to tell him it was Matt’s Blood. He tells him he needs to interview everyone who saw him 48 hours prior to the incident and Dexter tells him he’ll stop by the station at lunch. At lunch, Logan interviews Dexter, asking him if he goes hunting in the woods and if he carries a gun. Dexter says he carries one for protection but he doesn’t hunt. Logan asks Dexter to identify the gun that the mystery man on camera is carrying.

Dexter hikes up into a big cave to hide Matt’s body. He finds a big bear there and he runs out. Angela calls him and invites him over to dinner because Audrey invited over Harrison. At dinner, Audrey explains her plan for the white buck - to have a bonfire to honor it. They do it that night.

Dexter apologizes to Harrison for not standing up for him more with the cheating accusation. Harrison says “Thanks Dad”. Later on, Dexter burns Matt’s body at a local incinerator. He drives into town and sees Kurt, drunk, outside a bar shouting “wahoo”. Kurt runs up to Dexter and tells him Matt’s alive, claiming Matt FaceTimed him. Dexter offers to give him a ride home and Kurt gets in his pickup truck. Dexter wonders why Kurt is lying.

Dexter debates with Deb in his head about Kurt Caldwell’s true intentions behind saying his son is alive. Deb theorizes it's because he wants Angela to close the case so that he can kill Johnny Bullhorn later on, believing that Johnny  murdered Matt for shooting the deer. Or she thinks Kurt might find his way to the real killer - Dexter.

Angela calls Dexter to tell him the news about Matt being alive. Dexter says that he ran into Kurt and had already found out. Harrison walks out and tells Dexter he has to gain five pounds for wrestling. They reminisce about Deb and Harrison remembers her frequent swearing. Harrison leaves for school with Ethan Williams.

Dexter sees Kurt chatting up a girl in the diner near the gas station. He wonders again why Kurt lied about his son being alive.

At Fred's Fish & Game, Dexter meets Garfield, Fred Jr.'s new puppy which keeps yelping at him. After this, Dexter gets an emergency alert that the high school is in lockdown. He immediately calls Angela who tells him there are multiple injuries and Harrison is involved. Dexter races to the school and finds out that Harrison has been stabbed, but it's not serious.

Harrison explains that Ethan was planning a school shooting and wanted Harrison to do it with him. When Harrison refused and tried to get him some help. Ethan stabbed him. Harrison tackled him to get the knife out of his hands and cut his leg, which caused Ethan to pass out from loss of blood. Sergeant Logan searches Ethan's backpack and finds violent graphic drawings and a kill list.

At home after the stabbing incident, Harrison asks Dexter if he ever had a situation that scared the shit out of him. There's a flashback of the Shipping Yard Massacre and Dexter answers, "Yeah." Harrison asks, "What do you do to deal?" I wrap bad guys in plastic and kill them, Dexter thinks, but he stammers, "I'm not sure." Seemingly disappointed, Harrison says he's fine and refuses to talk more about it.

The next morning, Dexter asks Harrison more about the attack but Harrison gets defensive, saying he can’t remember all the details or in which hand Ethan held the knife. Dexter tells Deb something's off because the stab wound doesn't match the story Harrison told.

Dexter goes to the police station and studies the photos of Harrison and Ethan's stab wounds. His suspicion about Harrison's story grows. Angela doesn’t think "Jim" should be looking at the photos. He informs her that the weapons found in Ethan's room plus the knife were purchased at Fred's by Ethan’s father a couple of months ago.

Dexter goes to the school to make sense of Harrison's story. He thinks Harrison might've started the fight and argues with Deb about it. Deb insists that Harrison is a good kid who is nothing like him. Dexter stabs Deb's leg and himself, then saying the blood matches, meaning he was right about Harrison attacking first. Dexter realizes Harrison stabbed himself to sell the whole story. Dexter thinks Harrison wanted to know what it felt like to stab someone.

Kurt knocks at Dexter's door asking to shake Harrison’s hand to thank him personally for keeping the town safe. He gives Harrison a drone as a gift. Kurt tells Jim he’s lucky to have a hero for a son and admits he didn’t do a great job with Matt. Dexter accidentally reveals that he knows about the boat accident but tries to cover it up.

Later, Dexter picks through Harrison's things, looking for any troubling signs and finds a straight razor hidden in a flashlight. Deb sobs, "Trinity used a straight razor to kill his mother. He was born in blood, just like you." Believing that Harrison has his Dark Passenger, Dexter seems both relieved and distraught.

Dexter looks at the straight razor Harrison used. Deb tells Dexter she wants to help him not become Dexter. Dexter tells Deb he wants to guide Harrison through this. Harrison walks into the house to see Dexter holding the knife he found in his room. He claims he only carried it for protection. He tells Harrison he heard Ethan’s side of the story and that it’s a lot different from his. Dexter tells Harrison he can tell him if it did it on purpose. Harrison storms out.

Dexter goes to the local bar. He chats with Tess, the bartender, about Harrison. She tells him it’s okay to ask for help and suggests a therapist for Harrison.

Dexter hears that Harrison is in the hospital so he rushes over. Logan tells Jim (Dexter) what’s going on and tells him that Harrison could’ve died tonight if it weren’t for Audrey calling the police. Logan advises him to give Harrison some tough love but Jim tells him he’s no parenting expert. However, Logan gets into his head and Dexter tells Harrison he’s going to start seeing a therapist and the only place besides therapy he can go are school and home.

Dexter goes to see Dr. Patel for help for his goat (a lie) and she tells him to grab some ketamine and whatever he needs. He also grabs some plastic tarps. He goes to a bar to track down Scott’s drug dealer, Miles O'Flynn. He asks for some drugs and Miles brings him outside to get them. Jim injects him with ketamine with a plan but when he hears a police car approaches he changes plans and beats up Miles screaming “stay away from my son!” Logan tells Jim to go to the station. He waits while he sees Logan walk in with Miles. He overhears Miles admitting that a guy named Jasper made the pills.

Dexter gets the address from the station and he parks outside of Jasper’s house. Deb tells Dexter to walk away and work on being a good dad. He doesn’t listen to Deb and breaks into the house with a syringe of ketamine in his hand. He finds the drug making station in the house. Dexter injects him with the ketamine.

Jasper wakes up in Dexter’s shed where Dexter shows him photos of people who have died from the drugs he gave them. Dexter is about to stab him when he hears a car pull up- Logan’s. He still kills Jasper, just not in the way he wanted. Later on, when the police raid Jasper’s house, they find him there but dead from a drug overdose (forced by Dexter).

Dexter gets home and Harrison is there waiting. Harrison tells him he’s going to lie down.

Angela pulls over Jim (Dexter’s) car and asks for his license and registration. He says “yes mistress” but she tells him not the one for Jim Lindsay - the one for Dexter Morgan. She instructs him to follow her directly to the station.

Angela storms into the station and Jim (Dexter) follows. Logan and the receptionist give him advice for dealing with his angry girlfriend, unaware what she’s mad about. Angela is furious that he’s been lying to her. Dexter explains that his wife, Rita, was murdered, and his sister Debra was also killed. It was all “too much” so he wanted to start over. He tells her he drove his boat into a hurricane intending to kill himself but that he survived and took it as a sign that he could start over. He tells her his life with Angela and Harrison is what he’s always needed. Angela tells him relationships are based on trust and questions if she can ever trust him again. Dexter leaves and Molly walks in.

Dexter goes to therapy with Harrison. Harrison opens up about his struggles with his dad and his childhood. Dexter also talks about his childhood.

Dexter calls Logan to grab a drink for advice on how to patch things up with Angela. He advises him to schedule a trust chat. Logan admits that he and Molly broke up. He tells Jim that Molly and Angela have been meeting in private working on something.

Dexter walks into the bar and sees Kurt talking to Molly. He orders lunch and watches them from afar. Molly walks away and says “great, see you there” to something. Dexter records their conversation secretly and listens to it later. He hears Kurt admit to Molly that Matt was never in New York City and that he lied about FaceTiming with him. Dexter is relieved the reason Molly stayed in town is for something not related to the Bay Harbor Butcher, however worried that she’s still focusing on Matt Caldwell. Kurt tells her that Matt showed up drunk in person and Kurt wanted to cover for him. He tells Molly that Matt is hiding in his cabin. He offers for Molly to interview Matt to get his side of the story as long as she doesn’t tell anyone where the cabin is. She tells him he has a deal.

Dexter listens to this conversation and wonders what Kurt is really doing. Dexter secretly watches from afar as Kurt lets Molly into his cabin, noting how off the grid it is. He thinks, “this is serial killer 101”. Dexter thinks that it wouldn’t be his fault if Molly disappeared- it’d almost be poetic. Kurt knocks on the door and calls for Matt. Molly starts to get creeped out and Dexter walks into the door to check on them. Molly tells Dexter that Matt is in there and Jim tells him he’d love to say hi. He pushes open the door and notes that the door only locks from the outside. He also sees the camera. He wonders if Kurt is the killer that Angela is looking for. The room is empty and Matt isn’t inside. Dexter offers to give Molly a ride back.

Molly opens up to Jim (Dexter) that she was starting to feel creeped out back there and is grateful he showed up. She asks Jim to not tell Angela about her interviewing Kurt. He drives to Harrison’s wrestling match. He sits with Tess and she asks about how Harrison’s therapy is going. Harrison wins his match but breaks the wrist of his component, intentionally. Kurt congratulates Harrison and Dexter tells Kurt to give it a rest and leaves with Harrison.

Dexter and Angela stand in the cave over Iris’ dead body. She tells him because he’s a forensics expert she needs Dexter Morgan’s help before the other cops arrive. Iris’ body is semi-mummified because of the cold. Dexter inspects her body and sees that she was shot from behind with a rifle. He believes that she was likely dragged and buried alive after. Dexter pulls out one of her teeth and notices that skin is on it- she tried to bite her killer.

Later, Dexter and Harrison eat breakfast together, but Harrison is still cold towards Dexter. Harrison lets him know that he is working a shift at the truck stop later on. Harrison leaves and Dexter talks with Deb about what to do about Kurt. Dexter wants to leave it to the police but Deb thinks that won’t end well.

Dexter tells Angela the truth about what happened at Kurt’s cabin with Molly. They drive to Kurt’s cabin. They shoot open the door and go inside- smelling bleach. They find the room completely stripped- no camera, no furniture, nothing. They decide to search dumpsters in a 100 mile radius.

Dexter goes to the truck stop to grab a coffee and keep an eye on Harrison at his first shift at the truck stop. Harrison confronts him being there. Kurt brings Dexter a slice of cake and sits down to chat. Dexter asks if Molly ever got that interview with Matt. Kurt tells Jim (Dexter) that he believes there was a time they would be great friends. Angela and Logan walk in and arrest Kurt for the murder of Iris.

Dexter lets out a neighbor’s sheep and the police go to check on the situation while Dexter goes into the police station to talk to Kurt and tell him to back off of Harrison. Kurt tells Jim (Dexter) he knows that the night he picked him up at the pub it was snowing -except it wasn’t snow, it was ash. He tells Jim that titanium doesn’t melt. Dexter realizes Kurt knows Dexter killed Matt.

Dexter searches Kurt’s office for the second screw. He doesn’t find it but he finds a check for $5000 to someone called Elric Kane. Dexter overhears that Kurt has been released and the thinks “yep, I’m gonna have to kill him”.

When Harrison gets surrounded by boys from the rival wrestling team, he pulls out his knife to attack them first - but Dexter intervenes and stops Harrison. Harrison opens up to Dexter about how he has nightmares of the night his mom was murdered. Harrison runs off from Dexter and gets a ride from a friend.

Dexter walks to his car but gets attacked by a man from behind.

Elric drives with Dexter in the trunk, passed out. Dexter dreams about Harrison beating and killing some wrestlers at his school, while smiling and laughing. In the dream, Dexter is upset and closes his eyes. Dexter wakes up and realizes his hands are tied together. Dexter chokes Elric and their car crashes into a pole. Dexter manages to untie himself but Elric gets out of the car with a gun. He shoots Dexter in the leg but Dexter keeps running.

Dexter drags his bloody leg through the forest and Deb tells Dexter to save Harrison. Elric screams to Dexter “Kurt said I had to bring you in alive” but that he will just have to understand. He shoots again.

Dexter backtracks in the snow next to a creek, hoping Elric will think he crossed the stream. Elric follows the tracks and screams out “oldest trick in the goddamn book”, not falling for Dexter’s trick. Dexter runs towards a summer camp, leaving an intentional trail of blood behind, and Elric follows. Dexter finds a knife at the camp.

Elric searches around the camp, realizing that Dexter grabbed a knife to fight with. Dexter jumps out and holds a knife against Elric’s throat. Elric gives up that Harrison is at Kurt’s cabin and that Elric was just doing his job- “nothing personal”. Dexter stabs and kills him. He takes his hat and jacket and covers his body up with a tarp. Dexter uses Elric’s face to unlock his phone and respond to Kurt’s text asking where he is.

Dexter urgently texts Harrison to not trust Kurt and to get away from him. Dexter drives to Kurt's cabin where Kurt tries to shoot Jim but Dexter runs Kurt over first. Dexter and Harrison run towards each other and hug. Kurt runs away and Dexter and Harrison drive away.

Harrison asks Dexter what’s going on and Dexter tells him there is so much he needs to know. That he never needs to feel alone with his dark thoughts again. He tells Harrison that he was born in blood, just like him. That he had the same violent urges like him. His dad taught him a way to channel the urges and he’s going to tell Harrison the same. Harrison hugs Dexter.

In a flashback, Dexter goes to Mr. Wiggle’s Playland to observe a local clown playing with children. He returns later that night after the Playland is closed to search with a flashlight.

Dexter opens up to Harrison about his urge to hurt people. Harrison relates to his urges and asks him why they’re like this. Dexter explains that because they both saw their mothers murdered when they were young they have these urges. Harrison says he’s felt alone for years. Dexter tells Harrison that his father gave him “the code” too dealing with these urges. First, one needs to find proof of the target’s past crimes. Once the evidence is found, he has justification to “do what the law failed to do”.

In another flashback, Dexter searches around the Playland and removes a mirror to find a hidden box of photos of little boys dressed up as clowns. Dexter ended up kidnapping the clown by injecting him with something and bringing him to a place to kill him. He showed Wiggles photos of his past victims before stabbing him.

In present, imaginary Deb warns Dexter not to tell the whole truth. Dexter doesn’t tell Harrison he killed his victims but he just told him he scared them. Harrison compares Dexter to Batman. They wish each other Merry Christmas and say goodnight. Dexter sneaks out and goes back to Elric’s body to dismember him to hide his body better.

Dexter gives Harrison a few presents on Christmas morning- including a rifle. Dexter tells Harrison that guns are loud and messy and that he does not use them to scare people. The gun is to help Harrison blend in. He teaches him how to shoot. They practice on bottles in the backyard. Harrison asks more questions about Kurt and his reasons for going after Harrison. Dexter explains that Kurt is a serial killer but that he doesn’t have proof yet to bring to Angela. Dexter does tell Harrison he has a plan to handle Kurt. Harrison gives Dexter a drawing of Deb as a Christmas present and Dexter is touched. Dexter surprises Harrison with one last present to blend in - a Christmas sweater.

Jim (Dexter) and Harrison go by Angela and Audrey’s to exchange presents. The doorbell rings and Kurt is at the door with a gift. Kurt sees Jim (Dexter) and Harrison and they exchange a few words before Kurt leaves. Dexter and Harrison abruptly leave and tell Angela he’ll be back later that night. Dexter asks Angela if it’s okay if they don’t come over that night because they’ve been bonding.

Dexter and Harrison are not at home at all- instead they’re at Kurt’s. They unlock an underground padlocked unit and Dexter crawls inside. He triggers an alert, intentionally, letting Kurt know he has found his hiding spot. Kurt looks at his phone and sees Harrison face on the camera. Dexter and Harrison find a surgical table with tools. They find all of his victims, perfectly preserved as trophies.

Dexter admits to Harrison that he did kill Wiggles. He also killed the Trinity Killer for what he did to Harrison’s mother. Harrison says that Kurt needs to die too.

Kurt wakes up and finds himself strapped in plastic to a surgical table. Kurt admits his murders - claiming he saved the women because they’re just runaways. Kurt tells Harrison that Dexter killed Matt and that’s why he tried to kill Harrison. Dexter stabs Kurt in the chest while Harrison watches. Dexter dismembers Kurt’s body while Harrison continues to watch. They bring the body parts to the local incinerator. Dexter tells Harrison it’ll look like Kurt ran because he packed his bags and emptied his safes.

Dexter and Harrison go home to see their cabin completely burned down. The fire department is already there.

Everyone in the town helps Dexter sift through his burned belongings. He appreciates everyone around him. Angela asks Jim to talk - she tells him his burning house was likely arson, which makes his house a crime scene.

Dexter suggests to Harrison that they move somewhere warmer- potentially Los Angeles. Harrison tells Dexter he’s finally fitting in and doesn’t want to move. Dexter tells Harrison they can’t be themselves in Iron Lake. Harrison agrees, requesting a pool if they move.

Dexter makes pasta with Harrison and Audrey when Angela walks inside. Dexter asks Angela if she’s okay but she seems off and cold. She pulls her gun out and tells him to get on his knees and turn around. Logan enters the other door with his gun pulled as well. They arrest him for the murder of Matt Caldwell.

At the police station, they take his print and photos- as Dexter Morgan. Harrison enters the station and asks what’s going on but they tell him to leave for now. Angela video interviews Dexter about the day Matt went missing. She shows him evidence she has, including the note from Kurt and the screws from Matt’s body. She tells Dexter her theory about what happened that day. Dexter responds with his own theory - that Kurt framed him and Kurt really murdered Matt.

Angela decides to interview Dexter again. She tells him he’s a murderer and claims she knows about the ketamine. She tells him that Miles testified that Dexter poked him in the neck with a needle. She then shows him the body of Jasper Hodge and points out an injection site on his neck. Next, she shows him the dismembered body of someone murdered by the Bay Harbor Butcher, who also had an injection mark. She tells him Angel Bautista is coming in too. They plan to extradite him to Florida, where they have the death penalty.

He tells her to turn off the camera so he’ll talk. He tells her that Kurt has been an active serial killer for 25 years and that he can prove it. He tells her where Kurt’s cabin is. Angela gets up and tells Logan to put him back in his cell.

Deb talks to Dexter in the jail cell. He asks Logan for water and uses the chance to hit his head against the jail bars. Logan pulls out his gun to shoot and Dexter twists his neck, grabbing the keys. He calls Harrison from Logan’s phone and tells him to grab all of his stuff and to meet him where they found the white deer. He runs out and takes the police car.

Dexter rushes to Harrison and Harrison asks him whose blood is on him. He tells him he’ll explain everything later. Harrison realizes Dexter called him from Logan’s phone and that Dexter killed him. Harrison is furious, believing Dexter only killed bad guys. Dexter begs him to come with him and offers to stop killing. Harrison tells Dexter to turn himself in, that there’s no other way. Dexter tells him he doesn’t have to come with him but that he can’t stay here. Harrison holds his gun in his face and asks him if his mom and Deb would be alive if it weren’t for him. Dexter apologizes for everything he’s done to him. He tells him to take the safety off on the gun. He tells him it’s the only way out and instructs Harrison to shoot him. Harrison shoots and Dexter falls to the ground. Dexter mutters “you did good”. Deb holds his hand as he dies.


  • "What if it's not the killing that got me in trouble? What if it's the not killing?" -Dexter, narrating ("Smoke Signals")
  • "Ah, wilderness. Snow. Ice. Privacy. Well, maybe not so much privacy. I've got a search party all over my property looking for someone who's literally under their feet. All because I made one tiny mistake and killed someone. Now I need to search for a way to get everyone off my land so I can be a proper dad for my son. "- Dexter, narrating ("Smoke Signals")
  • "Bears, dogs. I miss the days when the only animals I had to worry about were alligators." - Dexter, narrating ("Smoke Signals")
  • "There are always sacrifices one has to make as a parent. Especially the parent of a teenager. You don't always get to do the things you want the way you want. But we can make these small sacrifices for the good of our children. After all, if we can't do that, we don't deserve to be parents." - Dexter, narrating when killing Jasper Hodge ("Runaway")

Murder Victims

Attempted Victims

Attempted to Kill Dexter


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