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Dexter Morgan is a serial killer and the protagonist of Dexter Early Cuts, an animated web series. The Early Cuts stories precede the narrative of the television show.

Early Cuts

In Dexter Early Cuts, the story does not continue from one season to another. Each season of Early Cuts takes place in a specific time period, and all stories have the objective of telling Dexter's early experiences as a serial killer.

The first chapters revolve around Dexter hunting down the three victims (Alex Timmons, Cindy Landon, Gene Marshall) that appear in Season One: "Return to Sender." Each victim has a separate story.

In Dark Echo, Dexter is challenged by a copy-cat killer who does not follow any sort of code. Dark Echo opens immediately after the death of Dexter's father, Harry, with Dexter age twenty and his sister, Debra, still in high school. Dexter is enrolled in medical school where he's studying anatomy to improve his "craft."

In All in the Family, Dexter works as a blood spatter analyst. To satisfy his dark urges, he hunts a new killer on New Year's Eve, and faces off with Coleman Lindquist and his father - a killing team.


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