Welcome to the Dexter Interactive Investigation (Solutions) page! This page will strictly have answers to all the puzzles in the game:

Puzzle 1: Delioni Blood Spatter Weapon

The correct answer is the hammer, watch carefully as the image spins by to notice the blood pattern matches the picture on the left.

Puzzle 2: Delioni DNA Pattern Matchup

The correct answer is bloodtype AB. The pattern is Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Yellow, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Yellow, Blue, Red, Green, Red, Yellow.

Puzzle 3: Suspect Locker Game

The correct answer is Matt Davis. While some of his information is unknown, he fits the pattern more than the other suspects.

Puzzle 4: Alarm Game

The correct numbers to enter are:

5< 2-4-3-6-4-8-FIVE-10 - First, Third, Etc. add 1, while Second, Fourth etc. add 2.
8<1-1-2-4-EIGHT-16-32-64 - Everything except number 1 is multiplied by 2.
3<0-1-1-2-THREE-5-8-13 - Add first and second, then add second and third, so on and so fourth.

Puzzle 5: What's the Difference

The correct difference is the light over the middle door (it's off, while it was originally on).

Puzzle 6: Make a Decision

Question him, because it's against the Code of Harry to kill someone immediately. And reporting him to the police would not deliver the right amount of evidence.

Puzzle 7: Find the Suspect

He's in a green cap crossing in front of the desk, keep an eye throughout the center and have your mouse ready over it. Once the link appears, click it. It also helps to keep it just to the bottom right of the desk and click when you're ready.

Puzzle 8: Inject the Perp

This part is the most annoying thing in the game. Matt is constantly ducking and weeving, you can only inject him when the cursor on his neck is red. get two shots to do it, it takes a lot of timing and accuracy...a lot of pausing the game too. So know where the spot is, click on the spot EXACTLY when you know it's going to turn red and you'll succeed. The best time to hit the red spot is the second time it comes on at :29 seconds. If you can't do it after several tries, use the following link.

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