Dexter Early Cuts: Gene Marshall
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Dexter Early Cuts
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Dexter Early Cuts: Gene Marshall is the second episode of the Dexter Early Cuts series. The episode is centered around title character Gene Marshall, an arsonist. The episode originally aired on YouTube in six separate chapters.


A young Dexter encounters arsonist Gene Marshall and is forced to rethink his methods.

Release Dates

  • Gene Marshall: Chapter One - Release Date: 15 November 2009

Dexter begins his latest pursuit with Gene Marshall and learns that he is a real estate mogul, billionaire, and an arsonist.

  • Gene Marshall: Chapter Two - Release Date: 22 November 2009

Dexter learns that Marshall's crimes basically went unpunished as he was deemed unfit for trial after he used his money to exploit the system.

  • Gene Marshall: Chapter Three - Release Date: 29 November 2009

Dexter subdues and confronts Marshall about the people who were casualties of his arsonist activities.

  • Gene Marshall: Chapter Four - Release Date: 6 December 2009

Dexter is interrupted from his ritual with Gene Marshall when his sister, Deb, insists he celebrate her sweet-sixteen birthday with her. Dexter is forced to rethink his methods of disposal.


Dexter Early Cuts Gene Marshall

Dexter Early Cuts Gene Marshall


  • YouTube's viewer discretion is advised alert is used before the episode plays.

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