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Skin of Her Teeth is the seventh of ten episodes in the Showtime special event series Dexter: New Blood. It first aired 19 December 2021.

Dexter turns from predator to protector out of concern that a serial killer has set its sights on someone he cares deeply about. Angela arrests someone who may be the culprit of a cold case. Harrison turns to a very dangerous person as a father figure. 


Dexter and Angela stand in the cave over Iris’ dead body. She tells him because he’s a forensics expert she needs Dexter Morgan’s help before the other cops arrive. Iris’ body is semi-mummified because of the cold. Dexter inspects her body and sees that she was shot from behind with a rifle. He believes that she was likely dragged and buried alive after. Dexter pulls out one of her teeth and notices that skin is on it- she tried to bite her killer. They pull it for DNA. Angela admits she has a theory about who killed Iris- Kurt Caldwell.

Later, Dexter and Harrison eat breakfast together, but Harrison is still cold towards Dexter. Harrison lets him know that he is working a shift at the truck stop later on. Harrison leaves and Dexter talks with Deb about what to do about Kurt. Dexter wants to leave it to the police but Deb thinks that won’t end well.

Dexter tells Angela the truth about what happened at Kurt’s cabin with Molly. They drive to Kurt’s cabin. They shoot open the door and go inside- smelling bleach. They find the room completely stripped- no camera, no furniture, nothing. They decide to search dumpsters in a 100 mile radius.

At school, Harrison asks Audrey if she wants to hang out but Audrey tells him she has to lie low because her mom was upset. Audrey confronts him about breaking his competitor’s elbow after the guy tapped out.

Dexter goes to the truck stop to grab a coffee and keep an eye on Harrison at his first shift at the truck stop. Harrison confronts him being there. Kurt brings Dexter a slice of cake and sits down to chat. Dexter asks if Molly ever got that interview with Matt. Kurt tells Jim (Dexter) that he believes there was a time they would be great friends. Angela and Logan walk in and arrest Kurt for the murder of Iris.

Molly rushes into Angela’s office, thrilled that they caught Kurt, and asks why Angela didn’t text her. Angela tells Molly they’re done because Molly withheld the information about her visit to Kurt's cabin.

Angela talks to Kurt about Iris and Matt. She asks him why he lied about receiving calls from Matt, when there is no record of any received call that night. She tells him his DNA is a match for DNA found on Iris’ body and he tells her he wants to talk to his lawyer.

At the truck stop, Harrison helps a guy load some extra cargo into his truck. He hands Harrison an envelope to give to his dad. He gives it to Dexter and inside is a metal screw. Dexter wonders what it’s about.

Angela visits with Iris’ family. Many people in the reservation come by with food and hugs. Iris’ mom tells Angela to “make him pay”.

Dexter lets out a neighbor’s sheep and the police go to check on the situation while Dexter goes into the police station to talk to Kurt and tell him to back off of Harrison. Kurt tells Jim (Dexter) he knows that the night he picked him up at the pub it was snowing -except it wasn’t snow, it was ash. He tells Jim that titanium doesn’t melt. Dexter realizes Kurt knows Dexter killed Matt.

At the police station, Kurt makes a recorded statement about his father. He claims he witnessed his father knock around “working women”. He claims that his father was the one who picked up Iris in his truck. In a flashback, Kurt picks Iris up. Iris bites Kurt's hand when he won’t let her out of his car, insisting he should bring her home. He shoots Iris in the back as she runs away. The DA insists they don’t have enough evidence to keep Kurt and they have to let him go. Logan talks to Kurt as he leaves and says he could’ve cleared Kurt if he came forward with this information years ago. Kurt tells Angela “sorry for your loss” and walks away.

Dexter searches Kurt’s office for the second screw. He doesn’t find it but he finds a check for $5000 to someone called Elric Kane. Dexter overhears that Kurt has been released and the thinks “yep, I’m gonna have to kill him”.

Molly meets Angela to talk to her as a friend. Angela opens up about how she was supposed to go with Iris that day she went missing. Angela admits that Jim (Dexter) followed Molly that day but Molly seems surprised because Dexter wasn’t sitting anywhere near Molly and Kurt. Molly suspects Jim was recording them.

Harrison gets surrounded by boys from the rival wrestling team. He pulls out his razor to attack them first but Dexter intervenes and stops Harrison. Harrison opens up to Dexter about how he has nightmares of the night his mom was murdered. Harrison runs off from Dexter and gets a ride from a friend.

Dexter walks to his truck but gets attacked by a man from behind.


  • "My sister used to test out her theories on me, to see if they had legs. Plus, you know I can keep a secret."- Dexter to Angela
  • "That the sound of you not needing a warrant?" - Dexter to Angela at Kurt's cabin


  • "You Got to Do Your Share" by Helene Smith
  • "Dream Romance" by Jordan Brothers
  • "Wish You Were Home" by Sheldon Sundowm
  • "Devoted To You" by Everly Brothers
  • "Blue Guitar" by Alex Carr
  • "Runaway" by Del Shannon

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  • According to interviews, Kurt found the titanium screws when he burned the items from his secret cabin's basement in the town incinerator.