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Smoke Signals is the third of ten episodes in Dexter: New Blood. It first aired 21 November 2021 on Showtime.

Dexter hopes to have a chance to make things right with Harrison, which is proving to be tough to do when there’s a full-fledged crime investigation that Dexter himself has caused. Harrison joins the high school wrestling team and quickly makes a name for himself at school. Meanwhile, a true crime podcaster from LA arrives in Iron Lake and befriends Dexter’s police chief girlfriend.


Dexter goes to get Harrison to bring him to the school to talk to the principal. Sergeant Logan tells Harrison to join the wrestling team and Harrison agrees to consider it. Angela tells everyone there was a break in the Matt Caldwell case.

At school, the principal questions Dexter and Harrison about Harrison’s moving history and why his GPA suddenly dropped one year. Harrison explains it’s because his stepmom died and then he went into foster care, which shocks the principal who wonders where Dexter was. Harrison explains it wasn’t Dexter’s fault because he had no way to contact them at the time. Mrs. Silvera comes in to introduce herself to Harrison because she’s giving him his placement exam.

At the station, the receptionist tells Jim there is footage of Matt Caldwell shooting the deer. Jim seems horrified that there are cameras out there. Angela calls Dexter in to “clear something up”, to identify that the gun the person on film was holding was the same that Dexter sold Matt Caldwell. Dexter confirms it’s a similar gun. There is another heat screen shot of someone else in the woods heading to the same spot Matt was, but there are blind spots on the cameras and they didn’t catch anything else. Kurt Caldwell screams at Angela for not realizing earlier that this is a criminal investigation.

At school, Harrison talks to some of the guys he met before. Zach shows him a text message chain with a nerdy guy at school where they pretend to be an interested hot girl. Harrison tells them “that’s fucked up”.

A crime scene investigator from Albany was called in to run a series of tests at the crime scene. He finds human blood at the scene that was mixed with the deer blood. Damian, the investigator, guesses what happened at the scene which is strangely accurate. He believes there was an attack that was covered up. They get a sample of Kurt’s DNA to try and match the blood to Matt’s DNA.

Jim (Dexter) receives a call from the principal to come down to the school. She explains that Harrison scored higher than anyone else on the placement exam but she believes he cheated when the teacher left the room. Harrison maintains his innocence.

Back at the search camp, Angela tells Jim that search dogs will arrive tomorrow. Deb tells Dexter that he needs to move Matt’s body ASAP before they come. Harrison tells Dexter he got an even higher score in the second placement exam they forced him to take to prove that he didn’t cheat.

Angela calls Kurt to tell him it’s a match for Matt’s blood. He’s furious with Angela for not doing better earlier in the investigation but she assures him she’s doing everything she can.

Dexter digs up Matt’s body. He pulls out Matt’s vest and takes it to the crime scene. He drags it around the woods to lead the search dogs into another direction.

Someone puts on a white ski mask, while looking at the hidden camera in Lily’s room. She’s still alive and sees her door open automatically. She puts on her jacket and runs out of what looks to be a locked bunker. She makes it outside in the snow and runs for her life. The person points a gun at her and shoots, knocking her down.

Back at the search camp, Logan walks up to Jim (Dexter) to tell him it was Matt’s blood. He tells him he needs to interview everyone who saw him 48 hours prior to the incident and Dexter tells him he’ll stop by the station at lunch.

Rusty and the search dogs arrive and go out to look. A woman, later identified as podcaster Molly Clark, runs up to help volunteer, claiming to be an activist. Dexter argues with Deb (in his mind) about what to do about Matt’s body.

Someone drains the blood out of a body, presumably Lily’s.

Angela goes to Johnny Bullhorn’s house and chats with a woman, Miriam, who tells Angela he hasn’t seen her around in a long time. She tells Miriam she needs to ask Johnny a few questions.

Logan interviews Dexter, asking him if he goes hunting in the woods and if he carries a gun. Dexter says he carries one for protection but he doesn’t hunt. Logan asks Dexter to identify the gun that the mystery man on camera is carrying.

At school, Harrison sits down with the nerdy boy, Ethan, and tells him that he’s being catfished by Zach and that his internet girlfriend isn’t real. Ethan gets revenge on Zach, the bully, by sending a photoshopped text back. Zach tries to hurt Ethan but Harrison physically intervenes and warns him to back off. Audrey steps in to give Harrison a ride home.

Audrey and Harrison go to Gig’s to pick up some sausage and find out that the buck is hanging in the back. She's upset that it’s just being treated like roadkill. Audrey opens up to Harrison about her birthmother who abandoned her and her father. Her car breaks down and she sends Harrison down the road to the auto shop to get some supplies.

Edward Olsen drives up and offers to help Audrey, but she refuses his help telling him to help the planet instead. He comments on her gas guzzling car and drives away.

Dexter hikes up into a big cave to hide Matt’s body. He finds a black bear there and he runs out. Angela calls him and invites him over to dinner because Audrey invited over Harrison. At dinner, Audrey explains her plan for the white buck - to have a bonfire to honor it. They do it that night.

Dexter apologizes to Harrison for not standing up for him with the cheating accusation. Harrison says “Thanks Dad”. Later on, Dexter burns Matt’s body at a local incinerator. He drives into town and sees Kurt, drunk, outside a bar shouting “wahoo”. Kurt runs up to Dexter and tells him Matt’s alive, claiming Matt FaceTimed him. Dexter offers to give him a ride home and Kurt gets in the car. Dexter wonders why Kurt is lying.


  • "Avalanche" by Leonard Cohen
  • "Runaway" by Del Shannon
  • "I Just Really Think I Miss You" by The Pistols
  • "Bad Ass Bitch" by Lunachicks
  • "All I Have To Do Is Dream" by The Everly Brothers
  • "Stop Staring" by Japan, Man
  • "My Heart Can Feel the Pain" by The Tonettes

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