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Storm of Fuck is the second of ten episodes in Dexter: New Blood. It first aired 14 November 2021 on Showtime.

When a simple missing person case turns into a crime scene, Dexter’s cabin becomes home base for the search and rescue. Terrible timing for Dexter, who is trying to reunite with his long-lost son, Harrison. As Angela and Harrison become acquainted, Dexter struggles to keep his old and new worlds separate.


Dexter and Harrison sit across from each at a table in Dexter’s cabin. Dexter struggles to talk to the son he abandoned a decade ago. Dexter offers to make blueberry pancakes for Harrison but he says that he's not five anymore, so Dexter makes him a sandwich.

Harrison walks around the room, noticing a knife and a photo of Dexter with his bowling team. Dexter remarks that this situation must be hard for him, but Harrison scoffs: "No. Growing up without a dad, that was hard. And opening up that letter [to Hannah], finding out you let me believe you were dead all those years... that was brutal." He says he found the letter that Dexter wrote to Hannah after she died from pancreatic cancer three years ago, which proved that Dexter was alive. Dexter is surprised that Hannah is dead. A social worker had put Harrison on a plane from Buenos Aires to Miami and he bounced around a "bunch of shitty foster homes" until he decided to find his father. First, he went to the letter's return address in Oregon but "Jim'" had left. It was difficult tracking down "Jim Lindsay" because there were so many on the internet. Eventually, Harrison saw a bowling photo of Dexter on Instagram after "some Fred guy" bragged about "Jim" bowling a 300 in Iron Lake.

Harrison asks his father what happened to “Dexter Morgan” and Dexter responds that it's not who he is anymore. This comment puzzles Harrison, but Dexter says it’s a long story and they should get some rest.

A conflicted Dexter hears "Deb" tapping on his window with a bullet. She angrily yells, "You selfish psycho. You emotionally handicapped, crazy fuck. If by some goddamn miracle you don't end up killing him, you will sure as shit fuck him up." She then forces a bullet into Dexter's mouth

Lily, the girl from Iron Lake Tavern that Angela helped, showers in what appears to be a motel room. Afterward, she eats strawberries and drinks champagne as someone secretly watches her from a hidden camera.

The next morning, Dexter wakes up before Harrison. Before he quietly leaves, Dexter looks at his calendar but doesn't mark off a day. Outside, he notices a blood trail on the snow and thinks, "This is what happens when I give in to my dark passenger." He shuffles the snow to hide the blood as several cop cars roll up. Angela walks over, explaining to Dexter that Matt went missing in the woods last night and, since his cabin is close to all the public hunting grounds, it's the best spot to set up a search camp. Dexter agrees and tells them to set up by the firepit and he’ll bring out breakfast and coffee. As Angela is about to go inside to use Dexter's table, she sees Harrison at the door, who introduces himself as “Jim’s son”. She is surprised that Dexter has a son, but welcomes him to Iron Lake introduces herself before entering the cabin. Teddy Reed advises Dexter to cover his woodpile with a tarp. [Flashback of Dexter using his tarp on Matt's kill table.]

Dexter enters his cabin and finds Angela questioning Harrison. He tells her that his mother passed away and he came alone to Iron Lake to be with his father, though he's not sure how long he will stay. Angela encourages Harrison to meet her daughter, Audrey, and goes out to give instructions to the search party. Dexter thanks Harrison for covering for him but Harrison says he only did it because he "doesn’t want a cop all up in his business." Huh. Like father, like son, Dexter thinks.

As Angela is assigning tasks, Dexter offers to help search rough terrain with his RTV. Angela, sounding annoyed, says, “Fine, you and your son can take it.”

Harrison watches Teddy fly a drone and asks if it's police-grade with built-in mapping software. When the drone crashes, Dexter thinks he's going to get away with Matt's murder.

Back in the motel-like room, Lily is vomiting and crying in the bathroom, blaming the champagne. She crawls into bed and falls asleep, while the person on the video camera continues to watch her.

Angela drives up to the gate at Olsen’s mansion. The intercom buzzes and a man asks if she has an appointment. She shows her badge and the gate whirrs open.

Accompanied by Harrison, Dexter drives through the forest “searching for Matt” but really covering up the blood trail that leads back to his cabin. When Harrison mentions Dexter’s relationship with the police chief, Dexter says he’s only been in Iron Lake for a couple of years, so the "Angela thing" is recent." Dexter describes the town as quiet, peaceful, with no crime, while thinking, No temptations from the outside world. Harrison is skeptical, reminding him there’s a missing guy. Dexter says people often get lost in the woods. [Flashback of Dexter killing Matt]

Harrison spots the dead white deer and they pull over. Since the deer had been illegally shot on Seneca land, it's a crime scene. Dexter claims that his phone doesn't work out there and he sends Harrison back with the RTV to tell Angela about the deer while he stays to "protect the scene."

Back at Olsen's mansion, Angela tells him that a hunter disappeared in the woods the night before. He agrees to let them use his helicopter to cover more ground, adding that his pilot was an Army Ranger and knows the area. Olsen asks if the young woman who was leading the protest is Angela’s daughter and she confirms that it was. He then defends his business and boasts about how much he has donated to the Seneca reservation.

With Harrison gone, Dexter tires to erase the blood trail. "Deb" laughs as he cleans a bloody rock with Windex. Dexter then plants Matt's glove near the highway to throw searchers off. When he returns to where the deer was shot, he finds several angry members of the Seneca Nation Dexter suggests to Abraham Brown that Matt killed the deer while hunting and ran away.

When Harrison returns with the police, Officer Teddy Reed seals off the area with crime scene tape. Fred Jr. runs up with the glove that Dexter placed, saying he found it a mile away near the highway and it's the same type that Matt was wearing. Angela orders the blood on the glove to be tested against the buck's blood. Dexter offers to use his large sled to bring the deer back to town. Angela tells Dexter that he did well at his first crime scene.

Dexter’s sled is used to take the deer into town. They stop first at his cabin and Dexter asks Harrison if he's doing okay with all of this. Harrison replies, "It's fine. Kind of cool, actually." Harrison helps Dexter feed his goats and says he and Hannah had a goat, sheep, and chickens in Argentina and he misses them. Harrison asks the name of his father's black goat but Dexter only calls him "Goat."  When Harrison says that his goat was named "Vincent van Goat," Dexter calls his goat "Vincent van Goat II." Harrison chuckles when the goat runs over and jumps up on him.

Some of the high school students arrive to join the search party. Audrey makes eye contact with Harrison and he approaches her. From his truck, Dexter watches Harrison talking to Audrey and Deb remarks, "Well, he's not an awkward-as-fuck budding serial killer like you were." She accuses Dexter of loving that he's getting away with murder and that he can't wait to kill again. Deb argues with him about Harrison's safety until Dexter imagines screaming. "STOP!" He notices Tess smoking joint nearby and she gives him the peace symbol.

Harrison and Audrey chat about their parents and she introduces him to Zach and Scott.

Meanwhile, Lily is still being watched as she sleeps.

Dexter brings the dead white deer to town so it can be examined. As he watches the butcher Gig cut open the deer and remove its entrails, Dexter exhales sharply. Sergeant Logan assumes that the procedure disturbs Dexter and says, “A lot of folks get queasy at the sight of blood.” Dexter replies, Yeah, it gets to me every time.” Gig tells Angela that the shooter either didn't know what he was doing or was a poor shot due to a shattered shoulder and numerous bone splinters. Gig feels around inside the deer, pulls out a slug, and hands it to Angela. Dexter confirms that it's the same type of bullet he sold to Matt .Angela tells Dexter they need to talk.

The students blow off the search and walk to the closed Roaring Forks Summer Camp to hang out. Audrey explains to Scott that the letters "myew" on her shirt mean "Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women."  When Zach and Scott fail to break into a cabin, Harrison easily removes the lock on a door.

Angela and Dexter are having their talk at cabin. She says that she's thrilled that Harrison is here and it’s okay that he’s been private about his past. Angela admits she has secrets too and reveals that she’s not Audrey’s birth mother. She gives him advice about parenting - enroll him in school, show up, get him a car, get him into college prep, and so on.

Inside the cabin at Roaring Forks, the group plays music and smokes pot. Harrison refuses to take Audrey's joint so she passes it to Scott. Zach asks Harrison if he’s “straight edge” and Scott asks if he's “Mormon.” Harrison tells them that he has a history with drugs but got clean a couple of years ago. Audrey and Zach question Harrison and he tells them that his mom died when he was really young, and his stepmom died of cancer a few years ago. When Zach asks how his birth mother died, Harrison remains silent, claims to be freezing, and leaves to get wood for the fire.

While Harrison is out of the room, Scott and Zach search through Harrison's knapsack, finding a book of sketches. As Harrison is returning with the wood, he hears Audrey ordering Zach and Scott to stop and sees them going through his stuff. Harrison deliberately makes a clunking noise, which causes Scott, Zach, and Audrey to scramble back to their seats and act innocent.

In the motel-like room, Lily tries to find her phone. She realizes the door is missing a handle and screams for help. Then she sees the hidden camera with the words “You’re already dead” under it. She stares at it in horror.

Angela concludes that Matt shot the buck and probably ran away to avoid prosecution. The teens return to Dexter's cabin and Angela is upset that Audrey was hanging out at Roaring Forks all day. When she insists on knowing where Audrey is at all time, Audrey emphasizes, “I’m not Iris.”

Dexter shows Harrison a cot in a small room and tells him that it’s here if he wants to stay. Harrison responds that he came for answers, not a cot. He asks Dexter if he left him because of what he wrote in a letter to Hannah: "Reach out to me if Harrison shows any dark tendencies.” Harrison asks what was so wrong with him that Dexter faked his death and hid from him. Dexter assures Harrison that he was a sweet, trusting little boy with a big heart. He tells his son that he had demons and feared passing them on, so he went away because of what he is, not what Harrison is. Harrison has difficulty understanding because his memories of Dexter are all good. He agrees to stay “for a while” and they decide to have pancakes in the morning.

Outside, Dexter hands Angela a cup of tea and Debra mocks him for being a “smug fuck” for getting away with the murder. Matt’s father, Kurt Caldwell, shows up and Angela explains that Matt might have committed a crime. Kurt tells her that Matt would’ve called him if he messed up and that he’s probably still out there, alive, and freezing in the woods. He appeals to the townspeople to help him because he’s always been there for them. Angela concedes to his wishes and sends the search party back out.

Kurt tells them he will find Matt and that no stone will go unturned. The camera pans to Matt’s dismembered body in plastic bags, hidden under the firepit.


  • "So why all this Jim bullshit? What happened to Dexter Morgan?" -Harrison to Dexter
  • "I survived the last ten years without you, Jim. I think I can go two more hours." -Harrison to Dexter
  • Shit. Why does my girlfriend have to be such a good cop? - Dexter (voiceover)
  • "'We need to talk.' Words you never want to hear from your doctor or your girlfriend." -Dexter (voiceover)
  • "Walking away from you was the hardest thing I’ve ever done." - Dexter to Harrison


  • "Black Tambourine" by Beck
  • "Feel the Pain" by Dinosaur Jr.

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