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Storm of Fuck is the second of ten episodes in Dexter: New Blood. It first aired 14 November 2021 on Showtime.

When a simple missing person case turns into a crime scene, Dexter’s cabin becomes home base for the search and rescue. Terrible timing for Dexter, who is trying to reunite with his long-lost son, Harrison. As Angela and Harrison become acquainted, Dexter struggles to keep his old and new worlds separate.


Dexter and Harrison chat awkwardly in Dexter’s cabin, where Dexter seems at a loss for words when talking to the son he abandoned. Dexter makes Harrison a sandwich while Harrison looks around Dexter’s place. Harrison tells Dexter he found a letter he wrote him when his stepmom Hannah died from pancreatic cancer. In the letter, Dexter explains that he didn’t really die. Harrison explains how he managed to track down Dexter - through the name Jim Lindsay and a photo posted on Instagram. He asks what happened to “Dexter” and he responds it’s a long story and they should get some rest.

Dexter hears tapping on his window and it’s an imaginary Debra, tapping the window with a gun bullet. She tells him he’s a selfish psycho who will fuck up Harrison, if he doesn’t end up getting him killed first.

Lily, the girl from the bar that Angela helped, showers in her motel room and eats strawberries and champagne. Someone watches her from a hidden video camera.

Dexter wakes up before Harrison the next morning and quietly leaves. He notices a blood trail on the snow outside. He shuffles the snow to hide the blood. Several cop cars roll up and Angela gets out of the car, explaining to Dexter that Matt went missing in the woods last night and his house is the best spot to set up a search camp. Dexter tells everyone to set up and that he’ll bring out breakfast and coffee. Angela asks to go inside and she sees Harrison, who introduces himself as “Jim’s son”. She seems surprised but introduces herself and walks inside.

Inside, Angela asks Harrison about his mom. He explains that she passed away and he came to Iron Lake to be with his dad. Angela goes outside to instruct the search party on what to do. Dexter offers to help and Angela, in an annoyed tone, says “fine, you and your son can take it.”

Back in the motel room, Lily throws up in the bathroom and cries. She crawls into bed, as the person on the video camera continues to watch.

Dexter drives in the forest “searching for Matt” but really covering up the blood trail that leads back to his cabin. Debra laughs at him as he tries to cover up his tracks. He finds a bloody rock and cleans it with Windex.

Angela visits Edward Olsen at his home to ask for his helicopter to cover more ground. He asks about the young woman who was leading the protest and if she’s Angela’s daughter. Angela confirms it was Audrey.

Dexter drops one of Matt’s gloves near the highway to throw searchers off the track. He comes back to where the white buck was shot and he comes across members of the Seneca reserve who are horrified about the dead buck. He gets angry with Angela and accuses Matt of killing the stag and running away.

Fred runs up with the glove that Dexter placed, claiming he found it near the highway and it looks like one that Matt was wearing. Angela orders for them to test the blood to see if it matches the buck. She tells Dexter and Harrison to take the buck back while they process the evidence.

Gig helps cut up the buck to find the bullet that killed it. Dexter matches it to the bullets he sold Matt. Angela tells Dexter they need to talk.

Some of the high school students come to join the search party. Audrey makes eye contact with Harrison and he approaches her. They chat about their parents and she introduces him to some friends. He tells her he thinks he’s just passing through Iron Lake. The students go to some locked cabins where Harrison helps them pick a lock to break in to smoke and hang out. The kids go through Harrison’s backpack when he goes to get wood to heat up the living room and find out that he draws.

Angela tells Dexter she’s thrilled Harrison is here and that it’s okay he’s been private about his past. Angela admits she has secrets too - she’s not Audrey’s birthmother. She gives him advice about parenting - enroll him in school, show up, get him a car, get him into college prep, and so on.

At the motel, Lily tries to find her phone. She realizes the room door is missing a handle. She screams for help. Then she sees the video camera hidden in the lightbulb and underneath it says “You’re already dead”.

Angela concludes that Matt shot the buck and probably ran away to avoid prosecution. The kids walk up and Angela calls Audrey out for hanging out in the cabin all day, where she didn’t know where she was. Audrey emphasizes, “I’m not Iris.”

Dexter shows Harrison a cot in a small room and tells him it’s here if he wants to stay. Harrison tells him he came for answers not a cot. He asks why Dexter left and why he wrote “write if Harrison gets any dark tendencies” in the letter he wrote. Dexter explains that he never saw anything dark in Harrison - only in himself. “Walking away from you was the hardest thing I’ve ever done,” Dexter says to Harrison.

Harrison tells him that all of his memories of Dexter were good. He agrees to stay “for a while”. They decide to have pancakes in the morning.

Outside, Dexter hands Angela a cup of tea and Debra mocks him for being a “smug fuck” for getting away with the murder. Matt’s dad, Kurt Caldwell, walks up and Angela explains that Matt might have committed a crime. Caldwell tells her that Matt would’ve called him if he messed up and that he’s probably still out there, alive, and freezing in the woods. He appeases to the townspeople to help him because he’s been there for them. Angela concedes and they send the search party back out.

Kurt tells them he will find Matt and that no stone will go unturned. The camera flashes to Matt’s dismembered body in plastic bags.


"So why all this Jim bullshit? What happened to Dexter Morgan?"
—Harrison to Dexter


  • "Black Tambourine" by Beck
  • "Feel the Pain" by Dinosaur Jr.