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Dexter: "But there's never any justification for killing."
Lundy: "No. Well, one, of course. To save an innocent life."
Dexter: "To save an innocent life."

("An Inconvenient Lie")

Despite Dexter Morgan being a serial killer, a combination of compulsive conscience-like behavior and the Code of Harry constantly makes him interfere in threatening situations to save someone's life. Arguably it's a main driving force of his since Shipping Yard Massacre made him lose most of his immediate family either directly or indirectly.


1. Harry Morgan - saved from an attempt by Nurse Mary. ("Popping Cherry")
2. Robbie - was being targeted by Wiggles the Clown until Dexter killed him. ("Sins of the Father")
3. Unknown Woman - Jamie Jaworski was ogling a woman while working as a valet which might have streamlined Dexter's desire to intervene in his situation. ("Dexter")
4. Dexter Morgan - saved himself from attempts by Jeremy Downs (accidental endangerment), Little Chino, Santos Jimenez, James Doakes, Lila West, Oscar Prado, Ramon Prado, George King, Zoey Kruger, Arthur Mitchell, Boyd Fowler, Cole Harmon, Stan Liddy, Jordan Chase, Walter Kenney, Steve Dorsey, Beth Dorsey, Travis Marshall, Debra Morgan, Ray Speltzer, Isaak Sirko, Benjamin Caffrey, Hector Estrada, A.J. Yates, Oliver Saxon ("Popping Cherry" and more)
5. Lucas - saved from an attempt by Jeremy Downs on impulse. ("Popping Cherry")
6. Tony Tucci - saved from an attempt by Brian Moser, refusing latter's offer to kill Tucci himself and giving Debra Morgan anonymous tip on Tucci's location. ("Let's Give the Boy a Hand")
7-14. Eight cuban refugees including Mariel - were held hostage and endangered by Jorge Castillo and Valerie Castillo, until Dexter released them. ("Love American Style")
15. Oscar - unknowingly saved from Jorge Castillo and Valerie Castillo. ("Love American Style" and "Return to Sender")
16. Debra Morgan - repeatedly rescued from Brian Moser (twice), Beth Dorsey, Travis Marshall, Ray Speltzer. ("Born Free" and more)
17. Joey Nunez - saved from an attempt by Little Chino. ("Waiting to Exhale")
18. Allison Sera - saved from an attempt by Roger Hicks who was already circling her. Dexter decided to act upon the lead despite he was under federal investigation. ("An Inconvenient Lie")
19. James Doakes - saved from a nearly certain loose end execution by Esteban and Teo Famosa. ("Left Turn Ahead")
20. Astor Bennett - saved from an attempt by Lila West. ("The British Invasion"), possibly also from Nathan Marten ("The Lion Sleeps Tonight")
21. Cody Bennett - saved from an attempt by Lila West. ("The British Invasion")
22. Female Wedding Guest - Phillip Barnes was likely stalking a guest at the wedding when Dexter killed him. ("Swim Deep")
23. Maria LaGuerta - saved from an attempt by Miguel Prado. ("I Had a Dream")
24. Arthur Mitchell - saved from a suicide attempt. ("Road Kill")
25. Jonah Mitchell - saved from an attempt by Arthur Mitchell. ("Hungry Man")
26. Scott Smith - saved from an attempt by Arthur Mitchell. ("Lost Boys")
27. Kyle Butler - saved from an attempt by Arthur Mitchell. ("Hello, Dexter Morgan")
28. Lumen Pierce - saved from an attempt by Barrel Girl Gang and later by surviving members Cole Harmon and Jordan Chase. ("Practically Perfect", "Take It!" and "The Big One" respectively)
29. Robert Brunner - saved from an attempt by Lumen Pierce. ("First Blood")
30. Olivia - ended a chain of domestic abuse and beatings by Barry Kurt by beating him and threatening into leaving Olivia's mother. ("Teenage Wasteland")
31. Olivia's Mother - possibly ended a chain of domestic abuse and beatings by Barry Kurt by beating him and threatening into leaving her. ("Teenage Wasteland")
32. Brother Sam - saved from an attempt by Julio Benes, Leo Hernandez and an unknown Locos member ("Once Upon a Time...")
33. Unknown Female Golf Club Bar Worker - was eyed by Walter Kenney, which similarly to Jaworski streamlined Dexter's intervention. ("Smokey and the Bandit")
34-43. At least ten people - saved from an attempt at mass murder by Beth Dorsey. ("Talk to the Hand")
44-49. At least six people on Milagro - saved from a gunpoint by Alberto. ("This is the Way the World Ends")
50. Harrison Morgan - saved from attempts by Travis Marshall ("This is the Way the World Ends") and Kurt Caldwell. ("Unfair Game")
51. Isaak Sirko - accidentally saved from an attempt by Unnamed Hitman ("Argentina"), later from attempts by Oleg Mickic and Benjamin Caffrey. ("Helter Skelter")
52. Janet Thorton - saved from an attempt by A.J. Yates. ("Scar Tissue")
53. Evelyn Vogel - saved from an attempt by A.J. Yates. ("This Little Piggy")
54. Ed Hamilton - saved from an attempt by Zach Hamilton. ("A Little Reflection")
55. Molly Park - saved from an attempt by Kurt Caldwell. ("Too Many Tuna Sandwiches")
56-60. Bill, Adam and two more unnamed Moose Creek High School students - Dexter defused a situation in which Harrison Morgan (already very much on the edge at that time) could have sliced them with a straight razor. ("Skin of Her Teeth")


A lot of Dexter's victims murdered at least one person and got away with it which is arguably always a risk of repeated offence, but only a handful of them displayed such a behavior or circumstances that killing them was the only way for murders to stop indefinitely. As such following lists additional potential saved lives coming with the killing of certain serial killers and repeated offenders. Most of those have at least two victims and an established modus operandi. List includes proxy/assisted kills.

  1. Nurse Mary ("Popping Cherry") (Harry Morgan mentions that there are "others" in peril at the same time as she tried to kill him)
  2. Robert Milson ("Dark Echo" (Early Cuts))
  3. Peter Thornton ("Dark Echo" (Early Cuts))
  4. Alex Timmons ("Return to Sender"/"Alex Timmons")
  5. Gene Marshall ("Return to Sender"/"Gene Marshall")
  6. Coleman Lindquist ("All in the Family")
  7. Cindy Landon ("Return to Sender"/"Cindy Landon")
  8. Walter Munro ("Surprise, Motherfucker!")
  9. Wiggles the Clown ("The Family Business")
  10. Anthony Rodrigo ("Morning Comes")
  11. Mike Donovan ("Dexter")
  12. Jorge Castillo and Valerie Castillo ("Love American Style")
  13. Matt Chambers ("Crocodile")
  14. Emmett Meridian ("Shrink Wrap")
  15. Ken Olson ("Dex, Lies, and Videotape)
  16. Lila West ("The British Invasion)
  17. Phillip Barnes ("Swim Deep")
  18. Cal Rooney ("Our Father")
  19. Ethan Turner ("Turning Biminese")
  20. Clemson Galt ("Sí Se Puede")
  21. Billy Fleeter ("The Damage a Man Can Do")
  22. Miguel Prado ("I Had a Dream")
  23. George King ("Do You Take Dexter Morgan?")
  24. Benito Gomez ("Living the Dream")
  25. Zoey Kruger ("Dex Takes a Holiday")
  26. Arthur Mitchell ("The Getaway")
  27. Barrel Girl Gang: Boyd Fowler, Dan Mendell, Cole Harmon, Alex Tilden, Jordan Chase ("Practically Perfect", "Everything Is Illumenated", Take It!, "In the Beginning", "The Big One") (apart from Lumen Pierce there were way too many affiliated risks not to have someone else endangered as the group was gradually exposed and destroyed)
  28. Lance Robinson ("Everything Is Illumenated")
  29. Team 42: Ben and Roger ("Those Kinds of Things")
  30. Julio Benes ("Once Upon a Time...") (endangered way more than Brother Sam with regular criminal activities such as racketeering)
  31. Walter Kenney ("Smokey and the Bandit") (despite old age was threatening more than just the potential aforementioned victim, tried to kill Dexter himself among other things)
  32. Nick ("Just Let Go") (despite only one confirmed murder showed no remorse whatsoever)
  33. Steve Dorsey ("Get Gellar") (despite only one murder was motivated enough to commit way more than that)
  34. Viktor Baskov ("Are You...?")
  35. Ray Speltzer ("Run")
  36. Unnamed Hitman ("Argentina") (despite no confirmed kills and attempt thwarted already was an established contract killer)
  37. Oleg Mickic ("Helter Skelter")
  38. Benjamin Caffrey ("Helter Skelter")
  39. Ron Galuzzo ("What's Eating Dexter Morgan?")
  40. A.J. Yates ("This Little Piggy") (proved to be willing to kill way more than Evelyn Vogel)
  41. Jasper Hodge ("Runaway")
  42. Kurt Caldwell ("The Family Business")

Killed later[]

Some people, despite being rescued by Dexter still ended up being killed under other circumstances.