Dexter Morgan's apartment in Miami

Dexter's Apartment is a location in Showtime's series DEXTER

It is Dexter Morgan's (now former) place of residence.

Dexter considers it to be his only safe haven from the outside world and a place where he is free to reveal his true nature.


8240 Palm Terrace, #10B
Miami, FL 33142


Dexter's apartment building is set apart from others and near the waterfront. There is also a private pool. On the inside, it appears to be a normal, well-kept apartment, consisting of a living room, kitchen, study, bathroom, and bedroom. Despite this, it contains secret places. Dexter's blood slide box (where he stashes the trophies of his kills) is hidden within an air conditioner. In the bedroom closet, his kill tools are locked inside a trunk. Also, a getaway bag that contains emergency items (e.g. cash, passports) is sealed behind a wall.


The 2nd floor apartment (condo) is owned by Dexter and it's where he lives throughout the series, except during the fourth season.

Season One

Dexter lives alone, though he spends some of his time at Rita Bennett's house.

Season Two

After her ordeal with The Ice Truck Killer, a traumatized Debra Morgan lives with Dexter until he persuades her to move out.

Season Four

During his marriage to Rita Bennett, he and she live in a house in the suburbs. Dexter has some difficulty adjusting to family life. To have a quiet place where he can research his targets, Dexter secretly keeps his apartment. When Rita eventually finds out, she is suspicious of why Dexter is keeping it. When he finally gives up his apartment (eight months after the wedding), Debra takes it over.

Season Five

After Rita is killed by Arthur Mitchell, Dexter moves back into the apartment with Harrison, and Debra begins staying with Joey Quinn.

While Lumen Pierce is in hiding, Dexter lets her stay in his apartment, after she first stayed in his empty house.

Season Six

It serves as Dexter and Harrison's home. Dexter buys an adjoining apartment in order to have more space, privacy, and an additional entrance.

Season Eight

In the series finale, Dexter puts his apartment up for sale. He then fakes his own death and leaves Miami. It's not revealed who buys the apartment. Sylvia Prado is the realtor.




These adversaries have all been inside Dexter's apartment.

Harrison's Nannies

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  • "This apartment is the only thing that's helped me keep the mask in place, and without it... I'll burst. ~Dexter ("Dirty Harry")


  • In separate incidents, Brian Moser and Oliver Saxon break into Dexter's apartment to commit murder. Oliver tries to kill Dexter and Brian tries to kill Debra Morgan. Both are captured in the bedroom by Dexter.
  • In "Goodbye Miami", Dexter and Hannah make plans to move to Argentina and he mentions that he needs to sell his "condo."
  • After shooting the original scenes in Bay Harbor Island, Miami Beach, a replica of the apartment was built inside the Sunset Gower studio in Hollywood, California. They even recreated the view one would see from the window of the real-life apartment in Florida.


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