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Deveaux is a character in the Dexter Comics.

He was a former member of the Tonton Macoute who was supposedly reformed of his old ways while as a member of the New Hope Foundation. He worked as Steve Gonzalez' personal security due to his military expertise, until his demise in Issue #3 of the Dexter comic.



After encountering Deveaux at Steve Gonzalez's office, and questioning him about Arthur Bleek's death, Dexter and Deborah head to the Miami Police Dept. However, they are stopped by an unknown motorcyclist who attacks them by igniting their vehicle with a Molotov-like explosive. Having been a former Tonton Macoute, Deveaux becomes the prime suspect of the attack. While Dexter investigates Gonzalez's home, unknown to Deborah, Deborah calls him regarding Deveaux, and to their surprise, Deveaux is dead.


  • During the time Deveaux was a member of Tonton Macoute (a paramilitary group), he used fire as his main killing method. This made him an arsonist, similar to Gene Marshall (Early Cuts), Lila West in Season Two, and (Joe Jensen) in Season Seven.
  • Dexter's Dark Passenger did not respond to Deveaux, even after the Molotov cocktail attack and instead remained focused on Gonzalez. Perhaps it was because Deveaux was not responsible for the attack, due to his corpse being found at the end of Issue 3.
  • Deveaux had a long scar running from the left side of his upper lip over his left eye that stopped of his hairline. Of interest, when his body was found, only the right lens was broken from his sunglasses with the left eye still covered by the glass. It could be that he was blind in his left eye and the artist chose to give focus to the right eye.

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