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Detective (Tucci briefing):

Detective (Tucci briefing): Participant

Detective (Tucci briefing) is a character in Season One of the Showtime series DEXTER.

He appears briefly, along with other homicide detectives, in a meeting at the Miami Metro Police Department.


His attire consists of a checkered button-up shirt, beige slacks, and black lace-up shoes.


Tony Tucci, previously suspected as the Ice Truck Killer, is instead now known to be a victim of the killer.

After the discovery of several of Tucci’s body parts, Dexter Morgan realizes that he is still alive. The police desperately need to find Tucci before he is further dismembered.

A briefing is led by Sgt. James Doakes to discuss the situation. Attending detectives include Angel Batista, Jake Simms, and Michael Soderquist. Dexter is also present, and Officer Debra Morgan is nearby, reviewing security footage.

Doakes: “We've got a live body now, people. We want to find Tucci while he's still breathing. That means trying to figure out where tomorrow's drop is so we catch our man in the act. Any ideas?”
Debra: (from an adjunct room) “Don't forget the photos. They're new.”
Doakes: “Thank you, Officer Morgan. We're doing just fine out here.” He then asks the team, “Why do we think he's taking photos?”
Batista: “He wants to be remembered."
Simms: “You use photos to record memories.”
Dexter thought, I almost feel sorry for them, trying to put together a puzzle when they don't know pieces are missing from the box -- pieces he gave me. He wants me to play the game his way.
Doakes: “Okay, what else could it be?”
Dexter: “Change.”
Doakes: (to Dexter) “You got something to say, speak up.”
Dexter: “The beach changed names. The office park used to be a soccer field. He's dumping the body parts in places that used to be something else.”
Doakes: “Okay. Places that have changed. Let's make a list, assign surveillance to each location for the morning.”
Batista: “South Beach used to be a mangrove swamp.”
Unnamed Detective: “Homestead Park was originally an air force base, right?”
Debra: “They turned Versace's Mansion into a hotel.”
Doakes: “Thank you, Officer Morgan.”
Simms: “The whole city of Miami reinvents itself every five years.”
Doakes: “Then we'll stay up all night until our list is complete.”

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