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Deputy (Parking Garage):

Deputy (Parking Garage): On Scene Officer

Deputy (Parking Garage is a character in Season Four of the Showtime series DEXTER.

He (and another deputy) investigate a hit and run committed by Dexter Morgan.


Arthur, having confronted Dexter in the homicide department, leaves the building with Dexter following him. As Arthur’s van pulls out of the parking lot, Dexter takes off after him in his SUV, muttering, “Fucking mess.” Arthur has a head start and Dexter is driving like a maniac trying to catch up. Suddenly, Rita calls to say that she wants her honeymoon this weekend, which distracts Dexter. As he weaves in and out of traffic while driving with one hand, Dexter clips a guy’s driver-side mirror, and keeps going.

Having followed Arthur to a bank parking garage, Dexter waits until he returns with a cash-filled manila envelope. He injects Arthur with M99 and throws him into the back of the van. As Dexter is looking through Arthur’s envelope, he spots the angry driver and two deputies standing near his car. Annoyed, Dexter exits the van, stashes the envelope on top of a light fixture, and casually walks out of the garage.

Driver: “Hey, that's him! That's the prick.”
Dexter: (innocently) “Who, me?”
Driver: “You fucking hit my car! Learn how to drive, you idiot.”
Dexter: “'Cause being rude always helps In a tense situation, right?”
Deputy: (to driver) “Calm down.”
Dexter: (presenting I.D.) “Look, I'm sorry. I was on my way to a crime scene. Miami Metro, forensics.”
Driver: “Come on, he's working the whole cop brotherhood angle? No one's above the law, pal.”
“Okay,” Dexter thought, as he glared at the driver. “Be cool. Diplomatic.”
Dexter: “Look, obviously, I'll pay for whatever the damage is.”
Deputy: “You fled the scene of an accident.”
Dexter: “I didn't flee. I was in a hurry. To solve a crime.”
Driver: “So you stop at a bank? That's bullshit!”
Dexter: (to deputy) “I'm just asking for a little professional courtesy here.”
Deputy: “You might pull that shit down at Miami Metro, but here at the Sheriff's Department, we don't put up with that shit.”
Dexter: (angrily, to deputy) “Come on!”
Driver: (holding up his phone) “Caught on tape, asshole.”
Dexter: (furious) “Don't fucking point that thing at me.” [He grabs the phone and throws it down.]
Deputy: (to Dexter) “All right, come here."
[There is a brief struggle, with Dexter ending up on the ground.]
Deputy: “Okay, buddy... we're taking you in.”
“So much for diplomacy,” Dexter thought.

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