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Denny Foster is a character in Season Two of the Showtime series DEXTER.

He was a comic store employee, artist, and online blogger who created the character, The Dark Defender (superhero).

Denny often clashed with a fellow blogger named Benjamin Alvaro.


When The Bay Harbor Butcher was revealed to the public to be someone who is killing other killers, Denny created a superhero named The Dark Defender. According to the store owner, Denny was trying to set up the character as a graphic novel called Stalker of the Night. However, before it went into production, Denny's rivalry with Benjamin Alvaro escalated and he's murdered by having his head bashed in.

Dexter works the crime scene along with James Doakes and Maria LaGuerta. Due to the the brutality and the fact that no money was missing from the register, it's determined to be personal. Dexter shows LaGuerta a snow globe with traces of blood on the base as the likely murder weapon.

While in the store, Dexter is drawn to a poster of The Dark Defender. Later, while at a NA meeting, Dexter dozes off next to Lila West. He dreams that he is The Dark Defender, and rescues his mother from her killers.


  • Denny worked nights in the store and was responsible for closing up.
  • The store owner told James Doakes that Denny had no family to notify and was a loner.

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