Beach House

Debra's Beach House

Debra's Beach House is a location in Showtime's series DEXTER.

Debra Morgan lived there before her death. It was originally a crime scene for a murder-suicide.


1588 2nd Street (northeast end)
Miami Shores, FL


Detective Mike Anderson phones Dexter to tell him that he needs his expertise at a crime scene, where a married couple, Jim and Kaitlyn Watson, had been killed. Appraising the situation, Dexter concludes that it was a murder-suicide. He explains how the wife shot her husband (after discovering he was cheating on her) and then shot herself. Later, Debra Morgan goes back to the house and negotiates a two-year lease with the landlord.

Debra throws a housewarming party, and a drunken Joey Quinn makes a scene.

Debra's house is used as a hiding place for Dexter's girlfriend, Hannah McKay.

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