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Debra's Beach House

Debra's Beach House is a location in Showtime's series DEXTER.

Debra Morgan lives here before her death. It was originally a crime scene for a murder-suicide.


1588 2nd Street (northeast end)
Miami Shores, FL

Season Six

Detective Mike Anderson phones Dexter to tell him that he needs his expertise at a crime scene, where a married couple, Jim and Kaitlyn Watson, had been killed. Appraising the situation, Dexter concludes that it was a murder-suicide. He explains how the wife shot her husband (after discovering he was cheating on her) and then shot herself. Later, Debra Morgan goes back to the house and negotiates a two-year lease with the landlord.

Debra throws a housewarming party, and a drunken Joey Quinn shows up with a date, Cindy. After Cindy leaves, Quinn creates a scene and is punched by Angel. While on the floor, Quinn asks Debra if she ever loved him.

Season Seven

Dexter moves in with Debra for awhile so that she can monitor him.

Season Eight

Debra's house is used as a hiding place for Dexter's girlfriend, Hannah McKay.

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