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Debra's Apartment Building (Apt 2)

Debra’s Three Apartments are locations in the Showtime series DEXTER.

They are places where Debra Morgan has lived alone, in addition to her beach house.

First Apartment

Although rarely seen, Debra lives here for the entirety of Season One.

Rudy Cooper” and Debra are in her bedroom, having sex. He kisses her legs and arms, says that he loves them, and couldn’t have made them better himself. Debra, teary-eyed, says that she used to “fuck” but this feels different. Rudy calls it “making love.”

Later, while Debra is singing and dancing before a mirror in her bedroom, Rudy calls from his apartment. He tells Debra that he's running late because he's in the middle of some housework. When he calls himself a "neat freak," Debra remarks that he's full of surprises. Chuckling, Rudy replies, "Oh, you have no idea."

Having stayed the night at Deb’s apartment, Rudy wakes up before her and softly walks over to her dresser. As he runs his fingers across a pair of scissors, she opens her eyes. Debra says that Dexter is leaving for the weekend because “some dead guy” left him a house in Dade City. Rudy climbs back into bed and they cuddle as he subtly persuades her to go along as support.

In Debra’s bedroom, Rudy is pressuring her to reveal Dexter’s reaction at the Marina View Hotel bloodbath. This annoys Debra because she has sex on her mind. They begin to argue and Rudy gets out of bed to watch TV in the living room. His attitude bewilders Debra.

Born Free

After this episode, Debra begins living with Dexter in his apartment because she’s traumatized from the Ice Truck Killer ordeal. Dexter doesn’t really want her there as it inconveniences him.

Second Apartment

Debra lives here for the latter part of Season Two and all of Season Three. Occasionally, she spends nights at Gabriel Bosque's apartment or with Frank Lundy in a hotel.

At the station, Debra informs Dexter that she has found a one-bedroom apartment near 78th and Harding and will move out “soon.”

At work, Dexter asks Debra for a favor -- to move into her new apartment. He says she will be safer there, but he actually wants her eyes off him.

Debra calls her place a "shit can" while talking with Lila West in her loft.

After a dinner out with the Prados, Dexter and Rita pick up the kids at Debra’s apartment. They are surprised to see Anton Briggs there. That same night, Anton and Debra fall asleep on her couch. She wakes up at 7:30 a.m., swears at the time, and orders Anton to quickly leave. Debra says she doesn’t want his protective detail to know that he spent the night there.

After this episode, Debra moves out of her apartment and lives with Anton.

Debra breaks up with Anton and stays with Rita and Dexter.

Third Apartment

Debra takes over Dexter’s apartment when Rita insists that he give it up. Joey Quinn helps Debra move in. When Quinn asks Dexter why he kept his apartment for eight months after he was married, Dexter tells him to stay out of his life.

Sitting at her apartment desk, Debra calls Dexter (who is in Tampa) about the Trinity Case.

Angel Batista is on the couch in Debra’s apartment and they’re discussing the possibility that Christine Hill shot Deb and Frank Lundy.

After Rita’s murder, Dexter and the kids stay in Debra’s apartment. He rents a moving truck and starts to move stuff in from his house. It’s too crowded and Astor hates living there, but Cody Bennett says it’s like camping.

Dexter begins looking for another place to live, and Debra volunteers to check out an open house for him.

Astor and Cody leave Miami to live with their grandparents in Orlando.

Debra has been spending some nights at Joey Quinn’s apartment to get more sleep. Eventually, she moves in with him. Dexter and Harrison continue to stay in Debra’s apartment. She officially returns it to Dexter in "Everything Is Illumenated".


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