Deborah Morgan is a lead character in the Dexter Novels and the Dexter Comics, which were written by Jeff Lindsay

She is a hard-working police sergeant who sees plenty of action. Also, Debs is depicted as the "human side" of the otherwise inhuman Dexter Morgan, her adopted brother.

Her counterpart in the TV series is Debra Morgan.


Comparison with TV series

Darkly Dreaming Dexter (the first Dexter novel) inspired the hit Showtime television series DEXTER. While the first season followed the storyline of the first novel (with a few differences), the series then took its own path, with plenty of new characters, events, and deaths.

One notable difference for Deborah in the TV series is that her name is changed to "Debra Morgan," similar to how Albert Doakes is named James Doakes and Migdia LaGuerta is named Maria LaGuerta. Aside from that, her interactions also vary. As the second main character, her plot often coincides with the events surrounding Dexter. At times. she handles her own storyline (such as in the cases of Carlos Fuentes and George King in the TV series).


Deborah wishes to join the Homicide Department and no longer wear her "sexy hooker suit." One of Brian Moser's victims is found in her area and she joins the search.

Later, Deborah is kidnapped by Brian, who wants Dexter to kill her, leave his life behind, and join him. As Dexter holds a knife above Deb, he chooses not to kill her. Brian uses his blade to kill Migdia LaGuerta, after which Dexter lets him escape. Deborah is promoted to Sergeant in Homicide, but she's now aware that Dexter is a killer.

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Deborah's son, Nicholas, is born.

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  • Dr. Danco - A lawful kill, shot twice in the chest to stop him from further torturing Albert Doakes and to save Dexter's life.
  • Raul - Drug lord, shot as he was about to shoot Dexter.

Attempted to Kill Deborah



First Volume

Second Volume

Deborah is mentioned when Dexter states how similar Australian Sergeant Shawna Wiggs is to his sister, in terms of personality. He remarks that he feels at home with Shawna as she reminds him of Deborah.


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