Body of Jessica Morris

Dead Call Girl Case is a police investigation in Season Six of Showtime's series DEXTER.

It involved the death of a high-class call girl named Jessica Morris.

Season Six

Suspected Cause

Accidental Death - It was originally suspected that Jessica Morris simply overdosed on heroin and unintentionally killed herself. This is later confirmed by the M.E.'s report but was later shown by the blood work that one other person was in the room with her at the time. It is eventually revealed that Deputy Chief Thomas Matthews was in the room with her when she overdosed on heroin.


Jessica Morris was a call girl who met with Thomas Matthews at certain points in time.

Detectives on Case

  • Det. Mike Anderson - Was the first detective on scene and the first to identify her as a call girl and suggested accidental death due to track marks on her arm which suggest heroin.
  • Sgt. Angel Batista - Charged with gathering witnesses to the death in the lobby of the hotel.
  • Lt. Debra Morgan - Ran the investigation into the case after the case was officially closed and later discovered heavy evidence that Matthews was the one she was sleeping with.

Other Operatives Involved

  • Forensics Specialist Vince Masuka - Ran forensics on the hotel room and determined that the only fingerprints present were hers and someone cleaned the room before they arrived.
  • Blood Splatter Analyst Dexter Morgan - Determined from the blood that there was one more person present at the time of her death.
  • Capt. Maria LaGuerta
  • Deputy Chief Thomas Matthews - He met with Debra Morgan at a restaurant, Café Babieca, and dissuaded her from revealing his involvement.


  • Jessica Morris - She overdosed on heroin causing her too hit her head on the bathtub causing a blunt head injury which coupled with the overdose killed her. Later a man attempted to perform CPR on her but realized she was already dead.

Fallout from Case

Because of his implications in the accidental death, Thomas Matthews is forced into early retirement as a result of Maria LaGuerta's betrayal.

Closure of Case

The case has been officially closed. This is due in part to the fact the M.E.'s report proves that the head trauma and overdose is what killed Jessica Morris.

Fate of Killer

Jessica Morris killed herself inadvertently through a heroin overdose combined with blunt force trauma to the head when she fell on the hotel bath steps.

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