Davey Sanchez
9 Male
Character Profile
Portrayed By
Season One
First Appearance
Crocodile (mentioned)
Full Name
Davey Sanchez



Personal Status
Marital Status
Unnamed wife
Immediate Relatives
Unnamed son
Professional Status
Police Detective
Miami Metro Police Department
Davey Sanchez is an unseen character in the Showtime series DEXTER

He was Detective Harry Morgan's partner prior to Season One.

Season One

(Flashback) Davey is murdered by an unnamed individual, and Harry practices an eulogy for him. He tells his son, Dexter Morgan, that since Davey died his world feels "out of control." Dexter asks how to fix it. Harry says by honoring Davey's memory, and catching the bastard who killed him." He adds that it's not about vengeance or retaliation or balancing the books; it's about something deep inside.

(Flashback) Later on, Harry picks up Dexter from a location in the middle of a rainstorm and it's obvious that he's upset about something. The two talk and Harry confirms that the judge let Davey's killer walk free, based on the bust not being "righteous." Dexter questions the decision, asking why a bad guy can cap a cop and get off without so much as a slap on the wrist. Harry tells him that things can always be set right. The two of them perceive that Davey's case is another reason why their plot to kill those who take innocent lives and escape justice is the right thing to do.

Season Eight

It's implied that the man who killed Davey was Juan Ryness.


  • Harry Morgan: "Davey Sanchez was a fearless and dedicated cop. Davey Sanchez was a son, a husband, and a father. Davey Sanchez was my partner. Davey Sanchez was my hero."
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