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Dexter and Miguel at Dade County Courthouse

Dade County Courthouse is a location in the Showtime series DEXTER.

Several events in the series take place in the courthouse.

Season One

Dexter Morgan is giving blood report testimony in court. When questioned, he says that he has worked in blood spatter analysis for twelve years and has been involved in 2,103 cases. He agrees that blood is his life.

On his way out, he notices a crying family and describes it as an "opportunity." Dexter then listens in on the case of Matt Chambers who is on trial for vehicular manslaughter while he was drunk driving. Matt had allegedly struck young Alexander Pryce and left him on the side of the road to die.

The case resumes and Matt takes the stand. Sounding very sincere, he insists that he has been sober for over a year and reported that his car was stolen hours before Alexander was struck. Matt sheds a few tears and the jury believes him. Matt is amused when he’s declared not guilty. Dexter fittingly kills him in a vacant liquor store.

Season Three

As ADA Miguel Prado leaves a courtroom, he announces to the press that Chicky Hines was rightfully convicted. Lt. Maria LaGuerta is baffled because Miguel never interviewed the witness who could exonerate Hines.

Ellen Wolf, the attorney for Hines, also talks to the press. She expresses her disgust that Miguel sent an innocent man to prison for twenty years.

Miguel Prado is fired up to kill any criminal. Dexter tries to dissuade him by suggesting Clemson Galt, an Aryan-affiliated inmate. He’s surprised when Miguel has Galt subpoenaed to testify in a racketeering case. Miguel meets Dexter at the courthouse and explains the game plan. Miguel spots Ellen Wolf and Maria LaGuerta, who are trying to get the Hines conviction set aside, and goes off on a rant.

While Galt is being held under minimal security in a court holding room, Miguel sneaks him a key and says that one of his "Nazi pals" is waiting for him outside. Galt takes the bait and escapes from the courthouse. Dexter, posing as a fellow white supremacist, sedates him with M99 and transports him to the house where Galt murdered his girlfriend. Miguel is sent to the wrong location by Dexter and isn’t present when Dexter kills Galt.

Season Four

Benito Gomez is being prosecuted for murder after being arrested by Joey Quinn. However. A fatigued Dexter brings the wrong evidence to court, which jeopardizes the prosecution's case. Benito’s lawyer berates Dexter for his incompetence. As a result, Benito is found not guilty, which infuriates Quinn. Dexter later kills Benito in an abandoned boxing arena.

Season Seven

As Hannah McKay is escorted into the courthouse by the bailiff, she encounters Lt. Debra Morgan, who arrested her for the murder of Sal Price. Deb advises Hannah to confess and Hannah calls Deb a hypocrite for not arresting her brother, Dexter.

The judge charges Hannah with Murder in the First Degree and she pleads not guilty. She is remanded to the State of Florida and denied bail. Hannah has yet to stand trial or actually be convicted.

Arlene Shram begins to sob and slips a white pill to Hannah as the two embrace. Hannah quickly swallows it while being removed from the courtroom. In the police van, Hannah has a seizure and is rushed to the hospital, soon escaping.


  • In a courthouse, everyone's on their best behavior... like they're being watched. And they are. Some people would look at this family and see only tragedy and heartbreak. But I see so much more than that. I see opportunity. - Dexter to himself as he observes the Pryces
  • Men like Matt Chambers know how to pull on the invisible mask of sympathy, even empathy, and otherwise right-thinking people don't stand a chance. - Dexter to himself as he watches Matt Chambers testify
  • “You know, statistically, most escapes happen out of a courthouse. The security's a little bit more lax, the defendant is wearing a suit and a tie. It makes it easy for him to just walk away.” - Miguel to Dexter

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