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The Watcher is a group of characters in the Dexter Novels, appearing in Dexter in the Dark.

They were cultists who worshiped the ancient god Moloch. Throughout the novel, they watched and followed Dexter Morgan.


The Watcher was not a single person, but a group under the influence of Moloch . They believed that the essence of Moloch jumped from one person to another. The Watcher continually tailed Dexter Morgan who they referred as "The Other." When Dexter was captured, the Elder told Dexter that he was "aberrant."

Dexter's Dark Passenger is a child and enemy to their Moloch.



  • Alexander Macauley A.K.A Zander helped the Cult of Moloch, bringing them people to sacrifice, but was not considered a member of the cult.


  • Sacrificed several children before the kidnapping of Astor and Cody
  • Ariel Goldman, presumably killed by Kurt Wagner
  • Jessica Ortega, presumably killed by Kurt Wagner
  • Tammy Connor, presumably killed by Kurt Wagner
  • Manny Borque, killed by Kurt Wagner
  • Franky, killed by Kurt Wagner
  • Kurt Wagner, killed by other member of the Cult

Possible Victims

Mentioned in files found by Dexter. Although not confirmed as deceased, they were taken by Zander and never heard from again:

Attempted victims

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