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Crystal Bar NBS1E5

Crystal Bar

Crystal Bar is a location in the Showtime special event series Dexter: New Blood.

It's a dive bar in Moose Creek from where Miles O'Flynn deals drugs.


Dexter learns from Sergeant Logan that the drugs Harrison overdosed on were from a dealer named Miles O'Flynn, who sells them out of a bar in Moose Creek.

With ketamine, syringes, plastic tarp, and a box of trash bags, Dexter heads to Crystal Bar. He buys a beer and watches as Miles makes a drug sale to someone. Dexter then initiates a conversation with Miles and says he wants to buy "some blues." Miles notices Dexter's fat wallet and tells him to follow him outside.

As Miles opens his trunk, Dexter starts to inject him with ketamine but stops when the police roll up. Dexter quickly changes to Plan B. He begins to beat up Miles while yelling to leave his son alone. Sergeant Logan pulls Dexter away and orders him to calm down. Miles is taken to the station, where he reveals the name of his supplier, Jasper Hodge. After 24 hours, Miles is released.

Angela Bishop tracks down Miles to the Crystal Bar in Moose Creek. He tells her that Jim Lindsay wanted to buy drugs and they went outside to make a deal. Suddenly, Jim stuck a needle in his neck and began punching him as the cops pulled up. Miles shows her the injection mark on his neck and Angela takes a picture.

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