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Crab Festival

The Crab Festival is a fictional event held in Miami in Season One of Showtime's series DEXTER.

Season One[]


While on a date, Dexter Morgan and Rita Bennett find themselves at the Crab Festival after dark. Tables have been set up, each featuring seafood, along with drinks. Music plays loudly in the background. They both participate in the celebration, but Rita actually enjoys cracking the cooked stone crab claws with a mallet. As Dexter watches her and the other people smash their food to bits, he thinks to himself that normal people are so hostile. Soon, his date with Rita is interrupted when he notices a crime scene in the vicinity of the festival. Immediately, Dexter heads towards it, pulling Rita with him part of the way. It turns out to be another victim of The Ice Truck Killer.


  • Actual seafood festivals are held annually around the state of Florida, including in Miami and its vicinity. Some of the festivals have parades, carnivals, eating contests, music concerts, or art and craft booths. They all feature varieties of fresh local seafood, including Florida stone crabs.
  • The song playing at the Crab Festival is "Mamasita" by Latino Sunset.

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