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Court Supervisor:

Court Supervisor: Protector of Children

Court Supervisor is a character in Season One of the Showtime series DEXTER.

She is a social worker assigned by a judge to stay with Cody and Astor during visitations with their father, Paul Bennett.


It’s raining when Dexter Morgan arrives at Rita's house with four hot chocolates. To his surprise, Paul opens the door and welcomes him inside. The court supervisor is still there, watching over Cody and Astor.

Paul: “Oh, hey, Dex, come on in.”
Dexter: “Where's Rita?”
Paul: [settling on the couch] “Uh, she's stuck in traffic. Power's out in half the city. Of course, I love the extra kid time, but, uh, court supervisor -- not so much. Hey, you know, I feel really bad about the last time I was here. I didn't mean to get all alpha male on you. It's just... What are you supposed to say to the guy who's f'ing your wife while you're in jail?”

Rita suddenly rushes into the house and apologizes for being late.

Court Supervisor: “Do you mind if I get going. I got kids of my own at home to look after.”
Rita: “No, no, no. It's okay. Dexter and I are here now.”
Court Supervisor: “Great. Thank you. Bye, kids.”

After the supervisor leaves, Rita reluctantly allows Paul to put Cody and Astor to bed.

Accompanied by the court supervisor, Paul drops off Astor and Cody at Rita's house after a visitation.

Cody: [to Rita] “Mama, look at my henna tattoo.”
Rita: “So, how much candy have you had?”
Astor: “Lots.”
Rita: “Thanks. Now she'll never get to sleep.”
Paul: “She'll calm down soon. This one's [Cody] already crashed.”
Cody: [half asleep] “Mom, can my dad read me a story?”
Rita: “I don't think so, honey.”
Cody: “Please?”
Rita: [after looking at the court supervisor] “Okay. But just one.”
Paul: “Put your duds on, buddy -- Spider-Man ones I bought you.”
Court Supervisor: “I'll get him ready. You've got twenty minutes left.”
Paul: “Thanks, Betty. Thank you.”
Paul: “Hey, Rita. It doesn't have to be this way. I mean, we can make this easier on each other, right? I could drop the charges if you agree to unsupervised visitation.”
Rita: “Fuck you.”

She angrily walks away to help with the kids.

While Dexter is cleaning up in the kitchen, Paul threatens Rita. In a burst of anger, Dexter hits him over the head with a frying pan. Dexter immediately carries Paul out to his car and pushes it down the street. He returns to say goodbye to Rita and then takes an unconscious Paul back to his motel where he injects him with heroin. Anonymously, Dexter alerts the police and Paul is again incarcerated. Rita assumes that Paul was using drugs again.

Unknown to Dexter, Paul lost one of his shoes outside of Rita’s house (which she later finds).

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