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Colony Hotel S6E10

Colony Hotel

Colony Hotel is a location in Season Four and Season Six of the Showtime series DEXTER.

It was used as a hideout for the Vacation Murderers and the Doomsday Killer, respectively. It was also the scene of Johnny Rose’s murder.


Miami, Florida

Season Four[]

Johnny Rose and Nikki Wald are suspected of gunning down Frank Lundy and Debra Morgan, leaving Lundy dead. Angel Batista asks Christine Hill to print a story, reporting that Johnny has syphilis and multiple sex partners in an attempt to cause a rift with Nikki. When Nikki, high on meth, sees the news article, she overreacts and shoots Johnny in their hotel room.

Joey Quinn, Angel Batista, Maria LaGuerta, and Vince Masuka find Johnny lying dead in a pool of his own blood, having been shot three times, Vince claims that it’s “karma.” Angel receives a radio call that Nikki Wald has been cornered in an alleyway. They all leave, except for Vince. Nikki is pacing, mumbling, yelling, and gesturing at the ground with her gun as though talking to Johnny. They finally capture Nikki when Quinn tasers her.

Season Six[]

Dexter finds Travis Marshall chained to the floor of the Santa Maria de Loreto church. After Dexter releases him, Travis says he doesn’t know where Gellar is...or the location of the next tableau. Dexter notices a painting with "2LOT" written on it. Travis denies ever seeing that before, then nearly passes out.

Dexter takes Travis to the Colony Hotel where he can hide out from Gellar and the police. He also gives Travis a prepaid cell phone with his number on speed dial. Dexter treats Travis’ burned arm and leaves, ordering him not to leave the room.

While at work, Dexter looks up “2LOT” online and finds that it’s an abbreviation for the Second Law of Thermodynamics. He then looks into Professor Trent Casey, who wrote a book called 2Lots Tales, and is a “tireless crusader for the virtues of atheism.”

Dexter returns to the hotel, bringing Travis a sandwich. He tells Travis that Gellar updated his blog. Travis checks and reads an entry: All those following false prophets are doomed. Dexter remarks that he’s the false prophet. Travis says it’s a message for him and Gellar is offering him a way back in. When Dexter shows him Trent Casey’s book, Travis says Gellar hates Casey because he’s an atheist.

Dexter attends Trent Casey’s lecture. Afterward, Dexter warns him that he’s in danger, but Casey is skeptical.

Dexter and Travis are sitting in the car outside the university when Travis spots Gellar. Dexter takes his word. After a few mishaps, they find Casey’s office, but he’s not there. The floor is covered with papers and blood spatter.

Back at the hotel, Dexter has Travis send a message to Gellar through the blog, saying he’s changed his mind and needs to see him.

The next morning, Trent Casey is found murdered in The Bowls of Wrath tableau.

Meanwhile, Travis wakes up in the hotel, disoriented. He sees a message on the bathroom walls written in blood: "BRING THE FALSE PROPHET TO THE CHURCH. A severed hand lies in the sink. Travis begins wiping off the blood when Dexter calls him. He informs Travis that police found Casey’s body -- and it’s missing a hand. Travis answers with, “The writing is on the wall.” He doesn’t mention the words in the bathroom. Travis tells Dexter that Gellar contacted him through his blog and wants to meet in the church that night. Dexter instructs Travis to stay in the hotel until he picks him up.

Later, at the church, Dexter discovers Gellar’s body in a basement freezer and realizes Travis killed him years ago. When Travis sees Gellar, he locks Dexter in the basement and escapes.

Dexter locates an exterior stairway and breaks out of the basement. He takes Gellar’s body with him and dumps it in a swamp.

When Dexter returns to Travis' hotel room, Travis is not there. Dexter uses his laptop to post as Gellar on his blog: "I was wrong. This was all the Devil's errand. I'm sorry I misled you." Travis reads it while in an internet cafe and is furious.

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  • The title of Trent Casey’s book is spelled Two Lot’s Tales in an online article, but it’s spelled 2Lot’s Tales on the actual book cover.
  • When the Refrigerated Truck is found in "Crocodile", the Colony Hotel is seen in the background.