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For the character from the TV series, see Cody Bennett

Cody Bennett is a character in the Dexter Novels and Dexter Comics.

Cody is the son of Rita Morgan, step-son of Dexter Morgan, and the brother of Astor Bennett and Lily Anne Morgan.



Attempted Victim

  • Brandon Weiss - While he was attempting to kidnap Cody and Astor, Cody stabbed his leg with a pencil and Astor hit him in the crotch. They also tried to do this for a second time with Cody's screwdriver, but failed. (Dexter by Design)



  • A Blue Runner - When Dexter brought Cody fishing for the first time, he caught a fish, a blue runner. Dexter wanted to disembowel it, but Cody was the first to stab him, being very delighted of that. (Dearly Devoted Dexter)
  • Rascal - Dog that belong to Rita's neighbors - Kathy and her son, Nick. As Astor said about the reason why Cody killed him: “He was always knocking over the garbage [...] And pooping in our yard. And Nicky tried to make him bite us.” She also noted that Cody performed the deed while she preferred to watch. (Dearly Devoted Dexter).

Attempted Kill:

  • Villegas’ Cat - Cody and Astor taped it to a workbench, and stood over it with hedge clippers, but they were forced to spare the cat because Rita caught them. (Dexter in the Dark)