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Club Mayan

Club Mayan is a location in the Showtime series DEXTER.

It is a Miami nightclub frequented by the Fuentes Brothers.

Season Five

Debra Morgan had discovered that a tattoo on Carlos Fuentes' hand was actually a hand-stamp from a local nightclub called Club Mayan. This led to a police stake out. From inside a van, Debra and Angel Batista watched the interior of the busy club (via a surveillance camera). Cira Manzon pretended to be one of the clubbers, while Joey Quinn downed shots at the bar, flirted and danced with women. After awhile, Debra grew jealous of Quinn so, when a call came in about a possible homicide at a warehouse, she left to investigate the scene.

While still watching on the camera, Angel noticed a pretty woman in the club wearing a Santa Muerte necklace. Angel then went inside the club, and began to flirt with her. The woman, Yasmin Aragon, soon left the club with Angel, but she ended up in Maria LaGuerta's office. Yasmin agreed to inform on the Fuentes, in return for not being charged for her drug offenses.

After the stakeout failed to capture the Fuentes, Lt. LaGuerta devised a plan to capture the Fuentes brothers as they entered Club Mayan. Debra and Angel again waited inside the van, with LaGuerta, Cira Manzon, and Joey Quinn inside on the floor. However, the informant, Yasmin Aragon, noticed that the Fuentes brothers were already inside the club via a hidden entrance. LaGuerta sent a nervous Yasmin over to sit with Marco Fuentes.

Carlos Fuentes noticed Cira Manzon and motioned for her to sit with him. Despite Debra's objections, Lt. LaGuerta ordered Cira to do so, As Cira sat next to Carlos, he attempted to fondle her leg and discovered a pistol. Both brothers reacted violently. Yasmin was accidentally shot and killed by Marco. Cira was punched to the floor by Carlos. A shootout took place between Quinn and Marco Fuentes, with a party-goer dying in the crossfire. Debra hurried into the club and faced off with Carlos, who was holding a hostage. Debra took the shot and landed a bullet directly into Carlos' forehead. Marco had escaped.

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