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Club Doorman:

Club Doorman: Rule Enforcer

Club Doorman is a character in Season Eight of the Showtime series DEXTER.

He prevents unauthorized entries to the Red Coral Club.


Dexter watches Hannah McKay disembark from a yacht with a man who appears to be her significant other. He follows them to an exclusive club, but when he tries to enter, he is stopped at the door.

Doorman: “May I help you?”
Dexter: “I'm just meeting some friends.”
Doorman: “I'm sorry, sir. Members only.”
Dexter: “Oh, but I'm a friend of...”
Doorman: “Even so, sir, we have a strict dress code.”

Dexter walks away, but is determined to find a way inside. He calls Zach Hamilton, a rich young murderer, to help him gain access to the club.

Zach: (answering his phone) “Dexter.”
Dexter: “Is your father a member at the Red Coral Club?”
Zach: “Yeah. It's full of old farts in suits. Why?”
Dexter: “Can you get me in there? Tonight?”
Zach: “Yeah. Sure.”

Soon after, Zach, accompanied by Dexter, pulls up in his car in front of the Red Coral Club. Both are wearing suit jackets. Zach tosses his keys to the valet, and confidently breezes toward the entrance with Dexter. The Doorman shakes Zach’s hand, saying, “Good to see you, Mr. Hamilton.” He opens the door for Zach and Dexter who enter the club where soft jazz music is playing.

Dexter tells Zach to keep an eye out for the man. He then approaches Hannah as she sits alone at the bar. She’s surprised to see Dexter and remarks that she’s going by “Maggie” now and is married to the man who brought her to the club -- wealthy Miles Castner. Her husband returns, catching them in conversation. He takes Hannah out of the club after revealing that he knows that Dexter is her ex-boyfriend.

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