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Dexter Early Cuts: Cindy Landon
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Writer(s): Lauren Gussis
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Dexter Early Cuts
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Dexter Early Cuts: Cindy Landon is the third part of Season 1 of Dexter Early Cuts, a web series released by Showtime in 2009. Each of the four Chapters are approximately two minutes long. Cindy also briefly appears in the TV episode "Return to Sender" in Season One of the Showtime series DEXTER.

Cindy is a magician's assistant, and a "black widow" who murders her elderly husbands for their money. She is stalked and killed by Dexter Morgan.


She’s an attractive woman in her 30s with blue eyes, blonde hair, and high cheekbones. Her work attire consists of black pants with a black vest over a white, button-up shirt.


Cindy is a conniving woman with a fake personality. She’s able to act gentle and loving, though she’s actually greedy and heartless When she realizes that Dexter is going to kill her, she offers him sexual favors in an attempt to persuade him to let her live. It does not work.

Chapter 1

  • Release Date: 13 December 2009

It opens with Dexter standing in a crowd of people watching a magic show  on a stage. A little sleight of hand, bit of misdirection, Dexter thought. People see what they want to see. They want to be fooled. I disappear bodies, he [the magician] disappears flowers, and his assistant, Cindy Landon, disappears husbands. Two dead in three years and she’s recently remarried.

It’s revealed in flashbacks how Cindy killed her two husbands. She pushed the first one down a flight of stairs. Then she married a man thirty years her senior and doubled the dose of his heart medicine.

Cindy climbs into a long box. The magician may be the one who gets the glory but you ask me, Dexter thought, Cindy’s the one doing the tricks. She’s still in one piece, but not for long.

Chapter 2

  • Release Date: 20 December 2009

As Cindy is lying inside the box, the magician apparently saws her in half. Her thoughts reveal how the deception is accomplished -- a false compartment and mechanical feet. She views herself as more than eye candy, but the one who really makes the tricks work.

Still in one piece, Cindy climbs out of the box, and looks at her current husband in the audience. Her thoughts reveal her plan to kill him. See, I like to be center stage but glamor doesn’t always pay so I had to find men who would. My husbands have always supported my dreams. They just didn’t know they weren’t a part of them.

The magician calls for a volunteer from the audience and Dexter raises his hand.

Chapter 3

  • Release Date: 27 December 2009

Afterward, Dexter tells Cindy that it was a great show. Flirtatiously, she replies, “Thanks, handsome. You weren’t so bad yourself.” Dexter introduces himself as ‘Mike’ and they shake hands, as she slips him a card with her name and a phone number. He says it’s a “neat trick,” and she remarks that she’s “got others.” When Dexter suggests that she show him [the tricks] later that night, if she’s free,” Cindy presents her wedding ring. Dexter tells her it’s okay because he’s married, too. “I can keep a secret if you can,” Cindy assures him, before leaving with her husband.

It’s after dark and Dexter is waiting in an empty parking lot for a tryst with Cindy. I’ve got a few tricks of my own, he thought. It’s not long before Cindy arrives and parks her car near Dexter. As soon as she gets into his car, Dexter asks if anyone knows that she’s there. Cindy replies, “Of course not, no. Gotta keep up appearances.” He warns Cindy that she shouldn’t meet strange men in abandoned parking lots. She calls him “sweet” and they kiss. He retorts, “You’re stupid!” and quickly injects M99 into her neck. Cindy gasps and passes out.

Chapter 4

  • Release Date: 4 January 2010

With Cindy subdued, Dexter sets the stage for his own magic show with her as the center of attention. In an empty theater, Dexter places photos of Cindy’s three husbands, along with three obits, on a table. Nearby, Cindy is shown lying inside a magician’s box with her mouth taped shut.

Cindy opens her eyes and Dexter informs her that the tranquilizer will keep her paralyzed for another 15 minutes. He assures her that there is no secret compartment, and this trick is for real. He begins his ritual by slicing her check for a drop of blood to make a trophy.

Dexter admonishes Cindy for using her husbands and throwing them away. When he pulls the duct tape from her mouth, she retorts, “They were old and going to die, anyway.” Dexter states, “And now, so are you.” Frightened, Cindy promises to “fuck” him if he’ll let her go, but Dexter says this is so much more fun. Cindy promises to not tell his wife, and he admits to lying. He reveals that he has no wife or girlfriend because it’s dangerous to let anyone get too close. Cindy tries to shame Dexter into freeing her, but to no avail. He pronounces that he’s going to make her disappear. Then Dexter chainsaws Cindy in half, as she lets out blood-curdling screams.


  • Husband 1: A gentle, older man that Cindy married to gain his money. She pushed him down a flight of stairs, causing his death.
  • Husband 2: Thirty years her senior, she ended his life by doubling the dose of his heart medicine.
  • Husband 3: A kind, elderly man who was in love with Cindy. Although Dexter placed an unreadable obit near the man's photo, he may not yet have been killed by Cindy, as he was still alive a few hours earlier that day. Cindy was also wearing her wedding ring on her secret date with Dexter. (Note: At times, Dexter did set up photos of "attempted" victims, e.g., Maria LaGuerta in Miguel Prado’s kill room.)


  • Per Early Cuts, Cindy was killed in March 2004.
  • On the purple card that Cindy gave Dexter, her name was spelled as Cindy Landen, with the phone number: 555-856-1029.

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