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Christine's apartment building

Christine Hill’s Apartment is a location in Season Four of the Showtime series DEXTER.

It’s the residence of Christine Hill, an investigative reporter who is secretly the daughter of Arthur Mitchell aka The Trinity Killer. She meets Joey Quinn at Lisa Bell's House during an investigation, and they begin to date.


1289 Garamond Blvd, Apt. 10 Miami, FL 33029


Quinn and Christine are in her bed, after apparently having sex. She is trying to coax him to give up info about the Trinity Case.

Quinn is performing oral sex on Christine in her bedroom. Afterward, she asks why he’s really there (since he stopped seeing her due to trust issues). Quinn claims he wanted to thank her for running Angel’s story about Johnny Rose having an STD. Christine reminds Quinn that he said their relationship was too complicated -- a reporter and a cop. He says he likes “complicated.”

Christine convinces Quinn to have Thanksgiving dinner with her. While at her apartment, Debra calls him to say that Trinity appears to carry out his kill rituals on school holidays. Quinn refuses to return to work because it will upset a judge to ask for a warrant that day. After he hangs up, Christine asks Quinn if there is a break in the case, but he keeps quiet.

After dinner, Christine brings him a slice of pecan pie and he agrees that it’s been a nice Thanksgiving. She calls herself his girlfriend, but Quinn doesn’t like labels. Christine says she just wants to know that he cares about her. Quinn kisses her, and she then gives him oral sex. Quinn moans, “You are so my girlfriend.”

While Deb is showing Cody her scar, she remembers what Christine said about her looking into Lundy’s eyes while he died. Deb again calls Quinn to ask how much he told Christine about the Trinity Case. He denies telling her anything, saying that he learned his lesson and never even took the Lundy files out of the station.

Quinn and Christine kiss goodbye at the door because Quinn is too tired to stay over. He says he’ll see her tomorrow, and Christine says she’ll see him every day after that. Christine closes the door and happily crosses the apartment. When she’s almost at her bedroom, there’s a knock on the door. Whispering, “Joey,” she skips back to let him in but, when she opens the door, it’s not Quinn. It’s Arthur, glaring at her. Christine just looks at him and says, “Hey, Dad.”

While Christine is being held as a material witness, the police obtain a warrant to search her apartment for evidence that she killed Lundy. Under Christine’s bed, Debra and Angel find lots of shoes and a box of postcards sent to her from the cities mentioned in Lundy’s books (where Trinity murders took place). Angel and Deb are startled when they notice that all the postcards are signed, “Wish you were here. Love, Daddy” They realize that Christine is Trinity's daughter, and that she has been in contact with him all this time. Debra states that she knew something was “off” about her. Back at the station, they confront Christine with the postcards but she accuses them of planting them.

Arthur is inside Christine’s apartment building after dark. He notices that her door is sealed with yellow police tape, and just keeps walking past.

The police cut Christine loose to see if she contacts her father. When she phones Arthur, he rebuffs her and tells her not to call him again. Later, Christine uses a neighbor’s phone to ensure her father will pick up, which infuriates him. He accuses her of being stupid, always getting in the way, and ruining everything. Christine defends her actions as protecting him. She states that she loves him, but he says nothing in response. Christine’s lips quiver as she begs for Arthur’s help, but he refuses. He says she did this on her own, and is sorry that she was ever born. Ordering her to never call him again, Arthur hangs up. Christine, heartbroken, rejected, and scared, begins to sob.

Debra knocks on Christine’s door, while Quinn waits outside the building. Christine lets her in and tells her where to sit. Emotionally devastated by the abandonment of her father, Christine confesses to Debra that she shot both her and Lundy. She apologizes and asks Debra for her forgiveness. When a tearful Deb says she cannot forgive her, Christine quickly pulls out a hidden gun and shoots herself in the head. Quinn hears the gunshot and rushes into the apartment where Christine is lying dead on the floor.

Former Addresses

Christine evidently moved around quite a bit, according to the postcard addresses, which include:

  • 2462 108th St., Orlando, FL 31604
  • 3018 Fanita St., Orlando, FL 34601
  • 2116 28th Avenue, Astoria, NY 11107
  • 1842 E. Chaparrel, Corpus Christi, TX 78442
  • 321 Peachtree Blvd, Atlanta, GA 30236

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