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Christine Hill:

Christine Hill: Loyal Daughter of The Trinity Killer

Christine Hill is a character appearing in Season Four of the Showtime series DEXTER

She was a reporter who met Joey Quinn while covering the Lisa Bell murder. Her biological father is Arthur Mitchell aka The Trinity Killer.


Christine is slim, on the short side, with a heart-shaped face and long brown hair.

She is typically seen in business dress becoming of a journalist and columnist.


As a reporter, Christine followed news stories and was occasionally credited on front page articles. She was persistent in her attempts to obtain information, and could be manipulative or flirtatious. She charmed Joey Quinn to learn the progress of the Vacation Murders Case, but grew to care about him. Although Quinn enjoyed the sexual aspect of their relationship, he balked when Christine wanted him to think of her as his "girlfriend."

Christine was strongly loyal to her father and felt a deep need to be loved by him. She even went to great lengths to obscure her father as The Trinity Killer by shooting and killing Special Agent Frank Lundy and wounding Debra Morgan.


At an unknown time, Christine’s mother and father went their separate ways. While she remained devoted to her father throughout her life, he was generally cold toward her, only seeing her twice a year. It’s implied that Arthur kept Christine’s existence a secret from his new family.

At the age of five, Christine witnessed her father committing one of his bathtub ritual murders. She thought it was a dream until she realized that it actually happened while covering a similar murder case.


Lt. Maria LaGuerta sends the homicide team to Lisa Bell's crime scene. Outside the house, Detective Joey Quinn talks with Christine Hill, an attractive reporter from the Broward Journal Dispatch. She flirtatiously presses him for information on Lisa's death and he gives her his phone number.

Later, Christine gives Quinn a copy of her front page article about Lisa’s murder. When she asks for a follow-up, he says the department has “bigger fish to fry” and tells her off-the-record about the tourist murder. Christine offers to buy Quinn a drink to thank him for his help with the bathtub murder and he asks her to dinner.

At the station, Maria holds up a newspaper, irate that the Vacation Murder is splashed all over the front page. Quinn admits to knowing the reporter, Christine Hill, and Maria tells him to get her to “tone down the creative writing.”

The team is called to a crime scene at the Vizcaya Reef Hotel. Outside, Christine flirts with Quinn, which is noticed by Maria. Later, Maria sternly calls Quinn into her office and warns him to watch the pillow talk with Christine.

At the police station, Christine asks Quinn about the Vacation Murders Case, but he tells her to wait for the press release. He mentions that Maria and Angel almost got killed the day before and warns her not to put a negative spin on it.

As Quinn is being massaged by Christine in her bed, she coaxes him to tell her about the Trinity Case. He ends up revealing Frank Lundy’s hunch about Lisa Bell being connected to a serial killer case.

Deb confronts Quinn after Christine leaks the Lundy story. He denies that they are seeing each other just as Christine walks in. He abruptly sends Christine packing and tells her to find another source.

Deb and Lundy are gunned down outside his hotel. She watches him die.

Christine comforts a distraught Quinn at the scene of Lundy and Deb’s shooting. When she asks Angel for a statement, he’s about to brush her off but then has an idea. Angel tells Christine to publish a story that Johnny Rose has syphilis.

The Johnny Rose story angers his girlfriend, Nikki Wald, who is arrested after she shoots him.

Quinn thanks Christine with a sexual act for her article about Johnny Rose and his STD.

Christine checks her email while at Quinn’s apartment. Her editor wants more on the vacation murders so she asks Quinn to help obtain an interview with Deb. When Quinn refuses, Christine tries to sexually entice him to get what she wants. She is interrupted when Quinn receives a call from Deb, who is sitting on the curb outside his building.

Dexter returns home and finds Christine’s card on the counter. He knows that Christine is still trying for the “hero piece” on Deb, but he doesn’t want a reporter around.

Deb returns to work and Christine makes a beeline for her as she heads into the station. Dexter, though, deflects Christine and asks her not to write the story about Deb. When Christine won’t let it go, Dexter bluntly tells her to “stay away.” Quinn notices the interaction and faces off with Dexter, who reminds Quinn that he saw him steal money at a crime scene. Insinuating there could be consequences.

Quinn is awakened by Christine knocking at his door. She tells him that her boss warned her to get a “lead that bleeds” or she’ll be fired. Quinn is half-drunk and half-asleep and doesn’t want to let her in. He placates her with some comforting words and a hug, during which she spots instructions for taking mouth swabs on a table. She then rejects his begrudging invitation to stay.

While on a coffee break outside the station, Deb almost bumps into Christine, who is looking for her. Christine asks about the roadblocks and if they’re related to Lundy’s shooting. Deb tries to cover up the real reason for the roadblocks, but Christine knows she’s lying. To distract her, Deb agrees to the interview that Christine wants.

Quinn wraps Christine in a towel as she exits a steamy shower. She asks him over for Thanksgiving dinner, but he says that spending the holiday together makes things too serious. Christine, though, doesn’t want to spend the day alone and promises to make him a great pecan pie.

From outside his house, Arthur collects the morning paper with its bold headline: OCEANGATE BLUDGEONER REMAINS AT-LARGE. He notes the journalist -- Christine Hill.

At the station, Deb and Quinn discuss the victims of Trinity. Quinn is trying to avoid Christine and describes her as “a little intense.” Unexpectedly, Christine shows up with a plate of dessert. Deb is about to leave work and to annoy Quinn, she tells Christine that he can, too. While Christine and Deb wait for Quinn to notify Maria, they talk privately. Christine tells Deb that it must be awful to look into your loved one’s eyes as he draws his last breath.

After Quinn eats dinner at Christine’s apartment, he agrees that it’s been a nice Thanksgiving. When Christine calls herself his girlfriend, Quinn retorts that he doesn’t like labels. She wants to know if he cares about her and he kisses her. Christine then gives Quinn oral sex as he moans. “You are so my girlfriend.”

Quinn is too tired to stay the night so they kiss goodbye. As Christine  crosses the apartment, there’s a knock on the door and she whispers, “Joey.” She skips back to let him in, but it’s not Quinn; it’s Arthur. Christine calmly says, “Hey, Dad.”

Christine arrives at the station, ready to interview Deb. Deb directs Quinn to take Christine to “the box” so she can run something by Angel, which is to ask him to watch the interview. During the interview, Christine asks Deb about working in the homicide department. Deb says that back when her father worked in homicide, there was less forensics and more reliance on gut feeling. Deb brings out photos of Lundy’s corpse and admits the forensics are a dead end so she just stares at the photos, looking for answers.

Abruptly, Christine ends the interview, claiming to have enough background info. With a smirk, Deb asks Christine how she got to Lundy’s crime scene so fast when she lives in Coral Gables, a sixty-minute drive. Christine blows it off as being on her way to the gym. She nervously asks how to get out of there and quickly leaves. Neither Angel or Deb buy her story.

Arthur is loading bags of cement mix into the back of his van when Christine calls. She asks to see him and can’t wait four months until her birthday. Arthur says they only meet twice a year because he has a full life, and his family needs him. On the verge of tears, Christine pleads, “I’m your family too. I need you. More than they do.” Unmoved, Arthur says it will have to wait and hangs up. Christine starts to cry.

Debra and Angel avoid Quinn by discussing the Lundy case at her apartment. Angel suggests that Christine may be covering for someone. Deb remarks that Christine is the same height as the shooter. Deb says she ran prints from the photos that she touched, but found no record. Angel points out that maybe Christine has just never been caught. They decide to somehow get her DNA.

In Quinn’s apartment, he is angrily yelling at Deb that Christine is not connected to the shooting. Debra begs for his help, saying that she has a hunch, and he should know what that’s like. Quinn finally gives Christine’s toothbrush to Deb after she assures him that the results will likely come back clean.

At the station, Debra hands over Christine’s toothbrush to Masuka, who’s working late and would rather be watching “Project Runway.” He agrees to run the DNA when Deb says that it might be a lead on the Lundy case.

Quinn is shaving at his bathroom mirror as Christine stands next to him. He brings up her Christmas plans as a pretext to ask about her family. She  says they aren’t close and changes the subject to her missing toothbrush. He blames it on the cleaning lady and gives her a brand new one. When she starts to untie his bathrobe, he says it’s not a good time. “Well maybe it’s a good time for me,” she retorts angrily.  Christine says she’s going to ditch the article because of a “shitty interview.” Quinn begins to wonder if Deb is right.

Christine calls her father from her car. She says they might be in trouble and need to talk about the woman in the bathtub when she was little.

Arthur meets with Christine in a parking garage. She reveals that when she was five years old, she saw him kill a woman in a bathtub after she didn’t wait in the car. She thought it was a dream until it happened again in the same house thirty years later.

Christine takes out a bunch of postcards from her father, each sent from a place where a woman was murdered in a bathtub. She tells him about being involved with someone in the homicide department so she could find out what they know. She began to follow Lundy and saw their encounter at the plaza. To protect her father, she shot Lundy and made it look like a Vacation Murder. She is afraid because the police are starting to ask questions.

Appalled, Arthur turns away but then looks back, smiling. “You put yourself at risk for me,” he says gently. She whimpers that she would do anything for him. Arthur promises to protect her and says that she’s always been special to him. He kisses her on the forehead, hugs her, and tells her to go home. He promises to visit her that night and they’ll figure it out. He gets into his van and waits until she’s gone. Arthur then pounds the steering wheel and screams, “Stupid fucking cunt!”

Christine is pacing her living room when there’s a knock on the door. She is expecting her father, but it’s Angel, Debra, Quinn, and a police officer. As Angel leads Christine to the elevator, she forlornly looks over her shoulder at Quinn.

Angel is interrogating Christine as Debra and Quinn watch on one monitor, and Dexter on another. She insists she has no idea how she might be related to Trinity. She claims to be the product of an accidental pregnancy, and never met her father. Angel thinks she’s lying, and so does Deb and Dexter.

Arthur calls Christine from a hotel room, but gets no answer. He turns his attention to a televised news report about Scott Smith.

Christine, still in the interrogation room, refuses to change her story and states that they can’t hold her longer than forty-eight hours. Angel counters that it’s true if she’s under arrest, but she’s being held as a material witness, which means they can hold her as long as they want to.

Deb is sure of Christine’s guilt and calls her a “bitch.” Quinn reminds Deb that there’s no proof, beyond her gut. She tells Quinn that he’s too close to the case and he points to Lundy’s name.

After obtaining a warrant, Angel and Debra search Christine's apartment. Under the bed, they find postcards sent from cities where Trinity carried out his kill rituals. Each is signed “Love, Daddy.”

Back in the interrogation room, Angel shows Christine the postcards, but she accuses him of planting them. Angel tells her that Quinn will be displeased that she cozied up to him “to keep tabs on Daddy,” but she sticks to her story. Angel shouts that her father is the Trinity Killer and he’s been sending her “postcards from Hell.” When he accuses Christine of shooting Deb and Lundy, she looks him in the eye and states, “I want to talk to my lawyer.”

Debra and Quinn are watching the interrogation on a monitor. Quinn realizes what their relationship was about and he’s angry that he fell for it. When Angel says he’s keeping Christine overnight, Quinn replies, “Let her fuckin’ rot.”

Curious why Christine has failed to answer her phone, Arthur swings by her apartment. He sees the police tape on her door and walks on by.

Deb takes a crack at interrogating Christine before her lawyer shows up. She brings a breakfast burrito for herself and a fruit cup for Christine. Christine asks if the fruit cup is injected with truth serum and Debra says, “You watch way too much TV.” Deb tries to empathize with Christine over father issues, but Christine says sharing her pain won’t work and accuses her of watching too much TV.

Deb, Angel, and Quinn decide to let Christine go, in the hope that she will lead them to Trinity.

Christine returns to her apartment and borrows a neighbor’s cell phone to call her father. However, he won’t talk to her. He knows where she’s been and orders her not to call him again. Christine pleads, “Daddy, I just…,” but he hangs up on her.

While at a crime scene, an officer informs Deb that Christine wants to talk to her -- only her. Deb believes that Christine wants to confess and she lets Quinn come along after he agrees to wait outside.

Christine lets Deb into her apartment and tells her where to sit. When Deb says they know her father’s name is Stan Beaudry, Christine remarks, “Wow,” without confirming or denying it. Woefully, Christine talks about how she tried to make her dad love her, but he hates her. She agrees that he’s a killer, adding that she’s just like him. Finally, Christine confesses to shooting Debra and Lundy. She apologizes and asks if Debra can forgive her. “Are you kidding me?” Debra answers in disbelief.

Suddenly, Christine pulls a gun from under a sofa cushion and places it under her chin. The emptiness of her life overwhelms her. Her father does not accept her as his daughter, Quinn is furious at her betrayal, and Debra will not forgive her for killing Lundy. In despair, Christine pulls the trigger.

Quinn hears the shot and races upstairs to find Christine lying on the floor in a pool of blood, the gun still in her hand.

Arthur wasn’t aware that Christine was dead until Dexter tells him. He dispels any grief by dismissing her as weak.


Attempted Victim

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