Chicky Hines is a character in Season Three of the Showtime series DEXTER.

He is one of Ellen Wolf's clients, only mentioned in context by various characters.


He allegedly committed a carjacking murder and was prosecuted and convicted by Miguel Prado. Later, Detectives Joey Quinn and Angel Batista uncover new information from Zack Adelman that not only exonerates Hines for the murder, but also provides another suspect.

Although Lt Maria LaGuerta had relayed this information to Miguel, he ignores it and instead pushes for Hines' to be sentenced to twenty years in prison.

LaGuerta visits Ellen Wolf, the defense attorney, and gives her this new information. Wolf then appeals to the court for a reversal of Hines' sentence which angers Miguel.

After a deposition at the courthouse, Wolf tells LaGuerta that they have more than enough to get the Hines conviction set aside.

LaGuerta and Hines are surprised when Wolf doesn't show up at the motion hearing (because she was murdered by Miguel). This allows Miguel to get a continuance.

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