Chambermaid: Too Trusting Turndown Service

Chambermaid is a character in Season Three of the Showtime series DEXTER.

She works as a housekeeper for Hotel Belvedere.


Dexter Morgan is stalking Miguel Prado at Hotel Belvedere where he’s staying because his wife kicked him out. He spots Miguel and his brother, Ramon, drinking at the lobby bar. Dexter sneaks past them and calls the phone in Miguel’s hotel room to locate it. When he hears it ringing, he tricks a maid into letting him into the room.

Dexter: (to maid) “Excuse me.”
Maid: “Si?”
Dexter: (handing her cash) “Could I get turndown service? Room 138.”
Maid: “Mm-hmm.”
Dexter: “Thanks.”

The maid unlocks Miguel’s door, and as they enter, Dexter pretends to receive a phone call.

Dexter: “Hello? Yeah. I’m sorry, you’re breaking up. Can I call you back on a landline? Okay, bye.”
Dexter: (to maid) “I’m sorry, that’s my boss. Can you come back later?”
Maid: “Oh, si.”
Dexter: “Gracias.”
Maid: “De nada, senor.”

After the she leaves, Dexter looks around the room and notices newly bought hardware store items and the computer alert about Ellen Wolf. Dexter realizes that Miguel is planning to kill Maria LaGuerta that night, and he's getting Ramon black-out drunk to use him as an alibi.

Later, Miguel breaks into LaGuerta’s house, but she is not there. Dexter, though, is waiting outside and sedates him with M99. He transports Miguel to Ellen Wolf’s house, where he kills him.

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