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Chad: Drug Dealer

Chad is a character in Season Two of the Showtime series DEXTER.

He sells roofies to Lila Tournay that she uses in a scheme to win back Dexter Morgan.


After learning from Angel Batista that Dexter and Rita are trying to patch things up, Lila meets with Chad, a drug dealer.

Lila: “Are you Chad?”
Chad: “It depends on what you’re looking for.” [Lila pulls out his earphone.]
Lila: “Tim said to come to you. The Rohypnol.”
Chad: [smirking] “Roofies? You? You’re just not my normal kind of customer.”
Lila: “Oh, do stop talking.” [She takes the pills and walks away.]
Chad: “Good luck with that.”

That night, at her loft, Lila enjoys some wine with Batista and easily seduces him, encouraging him to be rough with her. After they have sex, Lila secretly takes the roofies and passes out. Batista calls an ambulance, unaware that Lila is framing him for rape.

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  • Rohypnol is commonly known as “the date rape drug.” Its street names include circles, forget-me pill, la rocha, lunch money, Mexican Valium, mind erasers, R-2, rib, ro, roofies, roche, roaches, roachies, roapies, rophies, rophy, rope, ruffies, ruffles, shays, stupefi, and wolfies.
  • Because Chad sells Rohypnol, he's fully aware that his customers use it with the intent to commit date rape. When he mentions that Lila isn't his "normal kind of customer," he likely means that he usually sells to male date-rapists. This would make him guilty of rape accomplishment.