Camilla Figg
Character Profile
Portrayed By
Margo Martindale
Season One
Season Two
Season Three
First Appearance
Last Appearance
Easy as Pie
Appears in
Five Episodes
Full Name
Camilla Figg

Manner of Death
Euthanized by Dexter Morgan
Personal Status
Marital Status
Gene Figg (deceased)
Professional Status
Records Supervisor for the
Miami Metro Police Department

Camilla Figg is a character on Showtime's series DEXTER. She was a records supervisor for the Miami Metro Police Department.


Camilla and Gene (her husband) were good friends with Harry Morgan and his wife. Therefore, she knew both Dexter and Debra ever since their childhood.

Dexter maintained a friendship with her through the years, and often brought donuts to her at work. In return, she let him borrow files of suspected murderers, which (unknown to her) he used to target many of his victims.

Camilla knew far more about Dexter's past than she let on to him. While listening to the news, she realized that the Ice Truck Killer was Brian Moser, Dexter's brother, but she kept it to herself. When Dexter questioned her about his mother, Camilla told him that she had destroyed the case file, but revealed no further details.

In Season Three, Camilla was hospitalized with terminal lung cancer. She was a great fan of key lime pie and, during her stay at the hospital and then at the hospice, she kept insisting that Dexter find the "perfect pie."

At her request, she was euthanized by Dexter. He placed an euthanizing agent inside a piece of key lime pie, prompting her to note that he had finally brought her the perfect key lime pie. She may have suspected that Dexter was a killer, hence the request to die at the hands of a friend. Just before Camilla passed on, Dexter told her that he had killed his brother. She praised him, saying, "It's good you did".


Season One:

Season Two:

Season Three:

Dexter: The Game


Camilla as she appears during gameplay.

In-game, after Dexter gives Camilla a donut, she gladly provides Dexter with information that assists him on his mission to prove Jamie Jaworski is guilty of murder. 

In the novels

Main article: Camilla Figg (Novels)

In the novels, she is an evidence technician, who has a massive crush on Dexter.

In the sixth book Double Dexter, she is found dead in the back seat of a car, after having been crushed by a blunt object postmortem. When her apartment is investigated, it is revealed that she has been housing thousands of pictures of Dexter, revealing her obsession and putting Dexter in the firing line for her death. The killer was actually Dexter's copycat.


  • Margo Martindale said that the idea that Camilla was Dexter's mother was floated about for awhile.[1]


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