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Calle Ocho (pronounced CAI-yay OH-cho) is a location in Season One of the Showtime series DEXTER.

It’s the 8th street in Little Havana, a Latin neighborhood.

In the show, it’s a low income area where hookers hang out. It’s the last place where Sheri Taylor was seen alive.


After gaining Maria LaGuerta’s permission, Debra Morgan returns to the street where she used to work undercover as a hooker for Vice. She hopes the working girls will give her information about The Ice Truck Killer, who has chopped up five prostitutes.

The hookers greet Debra as "Brandy" and welcome her back. They notice her fancy clothes and ask who she fucked to get them. When Debra reveals that she is a cop, they feel betrayed. Immediately, Bridget and a john run away. The girls calm down when Debra says she’s not there to make arrests, but to tell them that Cherry has been killed. Shanda, Bella, Gabrielle, and Debra stand outside a nearby cafe and discuss the danger. Gabrielle provides a lead when she tells Debra that she saw Cherry get into a wood-paneled station wagon the night before.

Later, Debra walks around the same area after dark. Shops are painted in pastel hues and a number of people are hanging outside them. Suddenly, she spots a wood-paneled station wagon parked behind Riviera Botanica. As Debra crosses the street to check it out, she is nearly struck by a car. She moves past cages of live chickens and birds, and warily approaches the station wagon. She expects to encounter the killer, however, she only finds an elderly couple sitting in the vehicle.

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  • Close-captioning has "Calle Ocho" incorrectly spelled as "Kiocho" which has a similar pronunciation.
  • In the same episode, Debra tells Thomas Matthews that she learned about the station wagon from Gabrielle. In fact, it was Bella who told Debra about it.
  • In Season Three, another hooker hangout becomes a crime scene -- The Waterfront Stroll.