Matthews and Deb at dinner

Café Babieca

Café Babieca is a location in Season Six of Showtime's series DEXTER.

It is an expensive restaurant in Miami.


Deputy Chief Thomas Matthews calls Lt. Debra Morgan to arrange a dinner at a fancy restaurant that week. Angel Batista is impressed and tells Debra that he must be bringing her into his inner circle.

Before Debra meets Matthews for dinner, she discovers that he was the person in the hotel room with the dead call girl, Jessica Morris.

Debra and Matthews are seated in Café Babieca. Debra remarks that half the stuff on the menu costs more than her rent, and he says that it’s his treat because she is doing a great job. Matthews doesn't realize that Debra knows of his involvement in the call girl case. When he brings up the subject and tells her that the case would be better left alone, Debra tries to change the subject. However, he keeps pressing until she's forced to tell him that she knows he was at the hotel. Matthews explains his side of the story, and does his best to persuade her to keep quiet, citing her father and the fact that he made her lieutenant. He says that now he needs a favor from her. Debra is pulled between a desire to help him, and the need to do what's right. She finally agrees to tell the dead girl's father that they found nothing. Maria LaGuerta, though, uses the information against Matthews to force him into retirement.

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