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Debra attacks El Sapo

Buster's Self Storage is a location is Season Eight of the Showtime series DEXTER.

Debra Morgan is beaten up by Javier Guzman, a.k.a. El Sapo (a hit man), in one of the units. She then shoots and kills him in the parking lot.


Debra Morgan, while working as a private investigator for Jacob Elway, spends two weeks living undercover with a criminal, Andrew Briggs. She is supposed to recover stolen jewelry and take Briggs into custody. Before this happens, though, Dexter Morgan learns that El Sapo, a hitman, is after Briggs. Dexter finds the motel where Briggs and Debra are staying, and he ends up killing Briggs.

When Debra reports back to Elway, she denies knowing who murdered Briggs. He criticizes Debra for being “intimate” with Briggs and putting an asset (herself) at risk. After he says that she has nothing to show for it, Debra presents a key to a storage unit that she found on Briggs. She believes it’s where Briggs stashed the jewelry, but Elway is somewhat skeptical.

To look for the jewelry, Debra and Elway break into Andrew Briggs’ apartment. While they search, Debra checks out the unopened mail and finds something of interest.

Debra: “Why don't you just be really grateful that I work for you? Because I'm about to make you a fuck-ton of money. It's an unopened bill from a storage facility.”
Elway: “Why didn't FLPD find this?”
Debra: “Because it just arrived today. Found a match for our key.”
Elway: “Okay. Buster's Self Storage.”

Debra is eager it check out the storage unit, but Elway must attend a meeting with a new client, so she goes by herself. She's unaware that El Sapo is following her, hoping that Debra will lead him to the jewels.

Debra locates the unit and inside she finds the jewels in a drawer. Suddenly El Sapo appears and grabs the jewels. Debra, furious, attacks El Sapo and the two engage in a physical fight. El Sapo, much stronger, subdues Debra, throws her around, and brutally kicks her three times while she's on the floor. He aims his gun at her but doesn't pull the trigger, stating that he doesn't kill people unless he's paid to do it. El Sapo lowers the door, leaving Debra inside the unit.

Back in his car, El Sapo puts Debra's gun in the glove compartment, and then sits for a moment looking at a cut on his face. While El Sapo’s guard is down, Debra approaches with her second gun drawn and shoots four times, hitting him twice. Debra heads home, and falls asleep on her couch. [The shooting is off screen.]

Miami Metro arrives at the storage facility’s parking lot. El Sapo’s body is found in his car and Dexter states that he was shot through the car window. Knowing that El Sapo was after Briggs, Dexter worries that Debra might be in danger, as does Joey Quinn.

Dexter discovers Debra's blood on the car and realizes that she killed El Sapo, but he keeps it to himself. Later, at Debra’s request, Dexter switches out her gun (the one found in El Sapo's car) from the police evidence locker to protect her.


It’s unknown what happened to the jewels. Debra wasn’t thinking clearly when she shot El Sapo and only partially remembered it. Since she didn’t retrieve her other gun, she likely didn’t take the jewels, either. When she found herself with El Sapo’s dead body, she took off. Elway never brings up the jewels again, and the police don’t mention finding them at the crime scene. During the night, they were possibly stolen from El Sapo’s car.


  • The police never learn that Debra fought with El Sapo inside the facility or that she killed him.

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