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Briar Cemetery 5

Briar Cemetery

Briar Cemetery is a location in Season Seven of the Showtime series DEXTER.

Ray Speltzer, a serial killer, was employed in the cemetery as a groundskeeper.


165 Vista Boulevard
Miami, FL


Dexter Morgan tries to convince Debra Morgan to let him let kill Ray Speltzer before he murders another woman. Debra refuses, adamantly stating that he has no proof that Speltzer is planning a kill. To gather evidence, Dexter spies on Speltzer at the cemetery, and sees him enter a private mausoleum. Speltzer gives this one special treatment, and Dexter wonders why.

Dexter returns to the cemetery after dark, scales the fence, and breaks into the mausoleum. Inside, he finds an altar featuring an earring that Speltzer took as a souvenir from his last victim, Nina Fleischer.

While Dexter is at the cemetery, he gets a phone call from Debra, saying that she's going to stake out Speltzer's house. Realizing the danger of this, Dexter speeds to Speltzer’s house. Debra is trapped inside and about to be killed by Speltzer, who is wearing a mask with bull horns. Dexter attacks Speltzer, but he escapes. Debra is distraught when they find Melanie Garrett dead in the house.

The police investigate the mausoleum and find the earring gone.

Dexter walks through the cemetery to lure Speltzer into a trap. At an open grave, Dexter leaves a one word note: "Stay." While Speltzer is reading it, Dexter strikes him in the head with a shovel (causing the handle to break). Speltzer is knocked out and falls into the grave.

Dexter moves Speltzer into the crematory, and restrains him on the platform that leads into the cremation chamber. When Speltzer wakes up, he is angry and struggles to escape. Speltzer yells and threatens to kill Dexter, but Dexter mocks him. Then Dexter turns on the flames, and Speltzer panics. Using the broken shovel handle, Dexter stabs Speltzer directly into his heart.

Dexter does not collect a blood slide, and feels that it’s unwise to keep his trophies. He says goodbye to his “friends” and places his blood slide box on top of Speltzer's body. Together, the box and body are sent into the flames.

Afterwards, Dexter meets with Debra outside the cemetery. He points to the smoke arising from the crematory and tells her that is is Speltzer. Debra stares at the smoke, and hesitantly admits that she is glad.

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