Brian Moser is a Character in the Dexter Novels.

He is the biological brother and a fellow serial killer of protagonist Dexter Morgan.


Before his encounter with Dexter, during his killing spree, he is known as the Tamiami Slasher, due to the locations where his first crimes were found.


Brian is as manipulative and fierce as his television counterpart. He likes to control others, either from the shadows or in front of the person with his fake smile and acting skills. Using his charm, Brian is able to trick others into thinking he is not as dangerous as he truly is. One example of it being his interactions with Rita Morgan in Dexter is Delicious. 

He brings Dexter near the doors of insanity during Darkly Dreaming Dexter, to the point where Dexter thinks himself responsible for the deaths of all of Brian's victims. Thanks to his particular set of skills, Brian mirrored various of Dexter actions during his crimes, and along with his likeness to Dexter, made Dexter believe that he hallucinated most of his encounters with the Tamiami Slasher, as he had never seen his fact at the time.

Dexter finally learns that he is not responsible for the deaths of innocent people when Brian exposes himself to Dexter in the shipping yard and confesses to the acts.

Brian does not value human life, at least not as equally as he values himself or the life of his biological brother, Dexter. Although he helps save Deborah and Kyle Chutsky from the cannibals in Dexter is Delicious, he only does it because of Dexter.

Dark Passenger

While Dexter's controls his Dark Passenger most of the time and summons it when needed, Brian fully embraces his urge to kill and lets it take control most of the time. Known as Shadow Guy to Cody, Brian's Dark Passenger is similar in nature to that of Cody's. Brian's Dark Passenger draws Astor and Cody even more than does Dexter's.


Modus Operandi

While having an usual ritual or standard procedure when killing his victims, just like Dexter, he may to change his methods and use whatever is at reach to accomplish his kills His killing methods vary with the situation or scenario.

Unlike Dexter, he is not reluctant to use a firearm to kill. Brian used a shotgun to kill several cannibals in Dexter is Delicious.

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