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Bob Moore:

Bob Moore: Family Man

Bob Moore is a character in Season Four of the Showtime series DEXTER.  

While he’s eating lunch at a diner with his wife and kids, Arthur Mitchell sits down, uninvited, at their table.


Having just left Arthur’s childhood home, Dexter directs Arthur to a hotel coffee shop for lunch. Dexter asks Arthur to order for him because he needs the men’s room. In actuality, Dexter hurries over to the nearby meteorological conference to support his alibi of why he’s in Tampa. He has a photo taken with the weatherman, Sonny Skyes, and sends it to Rita.

Dexter promptly returns to the coffee shop where he left Arthur. However, Arthur isn't at their table. Instead, he's sitting in a corner booth with a clearly uncomfortable family,

Arthur: [to Dexter] “Kyle! Over here! Hey, where you been?”
Dexter: “Sorry, there was a line.”
Arthur: “No, no, gave me a chance to say hello to the neighbors. Kyle Butler, this is, uh, Bob and Sally Moore of Sarasota, their beautiful daughter Hanna, and their son, uh... Spencer!”
Dexter: “Hi.”
Arthur: “Sit, sit. There's plenty of room, right, Bob?”
Bob: “I guess.”
Arthur: “I've been telling them about our -- our morning.”
Dexter: “What about our morning?”
Arthur: “You know, how we visited my childhood home. I showed you the bathroom where my sister died.”
Bob: [insistent] “Kids don't need to hear any more about that--”
Arthur: “Bob, they should learn to speak the truth.”
Bob: “I think they know how to speak the truth.”
Arthur: “We all need to confess our mistakes, so we can go into the light unburdened. That's what Kyle taught me yesterday.”
Dexter: [sighs] “Not on purpose.”
Arthur: [enthusiastically] “It was such a revelation to me when he told me what he did. Huh?”
Dexter: “We're leaving.”
Arthur: “What about your tuna melt?”
Dexter: “These folks want to enjoy their family time alone. [Bob nods.]  “Let's go.

The family is thankful when Dexter forces Arthur to leave the coffee shop with him.

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