Benjamin Alvaro:

Benjamin Alvaro: On-Line Flamer; Off-Line Killer

Benjamin Alvaro is a character in Season Two of the Showtime series DEXTER.

He is an internet blogger who killed his online rival, Denny Foster.


According to Sgt. James Doakes, Alvaro is Hispanic, weighs 380 lbs, and is 6'2."


Benjamin Alvaro was engaged in an online feud with a fellow blogger named Denny Foster. This flame war escalated until Alvaro paid a visit to the comic book store where Denny was working nights. He grabbed a snow globe and repeatedly bashed Denny over the head. Because Alvaro stole no money from the scene, the police suspected that the crime was personal.

Alvaro's 1971 pickup truck was caught on a security camera in a nearby restaurant's parking lot after the comic book store closed. He was arrested by Lt. Maria LaGuerta and Sgt. James Doakes during a stake-out of Alvaro's workplace.


  • Alvaro is portrayed by the comic book artist, Tone Rodriguez, who also contributed to the art of The Dark Defender, a fictional non-published comic book in Dexter's universe. Ironically enough, in the series Denny Foster was the creator and artist of the comic and Alvaro portrayed his killer, who prevented it from being published.

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