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Beach House Landlord:

Beach House Landlord: Desperate Deal-Maker

Beach House Landlord is a character in Season Six of the Showtime series DEXTER.

He rents a beach house to Debra Morgan in which a murder-suicide occurred.


Det. Mike Anderson and Dexter Morgan are working at a crime where Kaitlyn Watson had shot her cheating husband, Jim, and then shot herself out of remorse. As they are finishing up, the landlord walks into the house through sliding glass doors.

Landlord: “Excuse me, detective?”
Mike: “Hey, you can’t be in here.”
Landlord: “Oh, no, no, no. It’s okay. I own the place. They just... (notices bodies). Oh, my god.”
Mike: “Can I help you?”
Landlord: “I don’t mean to sound crass, but... how long will they stay here?”
Mike: “Till we finish. Then the M.E. will remove the bodies.”
Landlord: “And then how long will it take for you to clean it up?”
Mike: “Do I look like your maid?”

The landlord says nothing more and leaves.

That night at the station, Mike notices Lt. Debra Morgan carrying files on her way out. He remarks on her talking work home, and she explains that she can’t work in her new office. Mike is at the whiteboard and changes the Watson case from red to black, and they talk for a moment about how easily Dexter can solve crimes. Debra looks through the Watson file and, when she sees a photo of their house, says, “Ooh, nice place. Right by the beach, too. Nothing like a murder-suicide to fuck up a great house.”

During a therapy session with Dr. Michelle Ross, Debra admits to feeling pressure from her new job as Lieutenant, along with having no space to call her own (as she’s staying with Dexter). Dr. Ross suggests that she get her own place.

Debra and Mike return to the beach house to meet with the landlord, who is waiting outside.

Landlord: “Detective Anderson and girlfriend?”
Mike: “Her? No way. I’m married. She’s my boss.”
Deb: “Lieutenant Debra Morgan, Miami Metro Homicide.”

Debra reaches out to shake the landlord's hand.

Landlord: “I’m so sorry. I thought that you two --”
Deb: “Don’t worry about it.”
Landlord: “My bad."
Deb: “Can we get this crime scene tape down?"
Landlord: “Wow. It takes a lieutenant to tell me it’s okay to rent this place, huh?”
Deb: “Can we go inside?”
Landlord: “By all means.”

The three of them walk up to the house and the landlord opens the door.

Deb: “Thank you. I wanted to come by and see if I could possibly rent the place.”
Landlord: “Oh?”
Mike: “The floors are a mess.”
Deb: “Yeah, they are, aren’t they?”
Mike: “Yes, they are. Might have to replace them. I mean, the toxic damage.”
Landlord: “Toxic?”
Mike: “Blood-borne antigens can live for two weeks easy. Of course, Hep C is always a risk.”
Deb: “I didn’t know that.”
Landlord: “Oh, God, just what I needed.”
Mike: “Look, it’s not secret you’re gonna have a hell of time renting this place. Legally, you’re required to disclose the murder/suicide.”
Deb: “But I already know about it.”
Landlord: “And?”
Deb: “What if I was to give you 2/3 of the current rent right now today?”
Landlord: “Make that 3/4, two-year lease, and you clean up the place.”
Deb: “Looks like you got yourself a new tenant.”

The landlord and Deb (smiling) shake hands on the deal.

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