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Bayside Elementary School

Bayside Elementary School is a location in Showtime’s series DEXTER.

Cody and Astor Bennett attend this school while at a young age.

Season One

Rita Bennett arrives at the school to pick up her children, but they aren't there. Charlie, a school crossing guard, tells her that Paul Bennett has already picked up the children a few minutes earlier. Rita yells at the man, and asks if he’s stupid. She states that the school administrative office was told to never hand the kids into Paul’s custody, as he was just been released from jail. Looking bewildered, Charlie says that no one told him.

Season Two

At Cody Bennett’s request, Dexter Morgan attends his school presentation. Astor Bennett saves a seat next to her for Dexter. After Cody delivers his speech about Saudi Arabia, Rita agrees to let Dexter accompany them to get ice cream. However, Dexter gets an emergency phone call from Lila Tournay, and he departs to help her instead. Rita clearly does not approve of his choice.

Season Three

Dexter gives a talk in Cody's class about blood spatter, but it's not well received by the children. Rita and Cody, though, are very appreciative.

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