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The Bay Harbor Butcher 18

Bay Harbor Butcher 18 refers to a set of deceased characters in Season Two of the Showtime series DEXTER.

They are some of the victims of Dexter Morgan.


Scuba divers find eighteen dismembered bodies off the coast of Miami. After they are recovered, the bodies are examined in a field morgue. DNA analysis identifies all eighteen as murderers who had slipped through the law.

The unknown killer (Dexter Morgan) is dubbed The Bay Harbor Butcher.

Bay Harbor Butcher 18

Actually, there are 20 named victims who have their body parts displayed or mentioned.

Continuity Error

While on suspension, James Doakes returns to Miami Metro Homicide to be interviewed by Frank Lundy. He is questioned about his past four cases that involved victims of The Bay Harbor Butcher. Lundy mentions the Smith case, which was thrown out on inadmissible evidence. Lundy also brings up Orozco, who skipped bail and was never seen again. When Lundy says that Anthony Rodrigo was not convicted due to sloppy blood work, Doakes realizes Dexter was responsible, becomes angry and walks out, refusing to talk further.

Dialog About Bodies

Dexter: "Are you hoping they'll talk to you?"
Lundy: "The one's with heads anyway. They always speak, eventually. Just gotta ask the right question."
Dexter: "Which is?"
Lundy: "Why were they chosen?"
Dexter: "You looking for a pattern?"
Lundy: "One doesn't kill this many people in this careful, methodical way without a reason. Some ... twisted set of principles."
Dexter: "They would have to be twisted, wouldn't they?"
Lundy: "The worst killers in history are usually the one's who think the murders were somehow ... just. Even deserved. Leaders have slaughtered whole populations for the same warped reason."
Dexter: "But there's never any justification for killing."
Lundy: "No. Well, one, of course. To save an innocent life.
Dexter: "To save an innocent life."

Blood Slides

Dexter's trophy box containing forty-six blood slides is found by the FBI in the trunk of James Doakes' car. All eighteen of the victims listed above are matched by DNA to eighteen of the blood slides. The other twenty-eight slides are matched to missing felons.


The following episodes contain scenes in the field morgue or have presentations that identify the dismembered bodies.

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