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Bartender (Mateo's Bar) is a character in Season Seven of the Showtime series DEXTER.

He is shot and killed by Isaak Sirko inside Mateo's Bar.


Dexter Morgan tricks Isaak Sirko into following him to Mateo's Bar, a Columbian hangout. Dexter enters the bar, utters a single word, "Koshkas," and walks into the restroom. The biggest Columbian pulls his gun and goes after Dexter, but he had slipped out the window.

Isaak, unfamiliar with the bar, follows Dexter inside. He spots the three Columbians and smiles, realizing that Dexter had set him up. From outside, Dexter hears gunshots and assumes that Isaak has been shot on sight. Instead, Isaak kills all of the Columbians and leaves with minor wounds.

Later, the homicide team finds the dead Columbians at a gruesome crime scene. Vince Masuka says it looks like somebody turned on the hose and sprayed blood everywhere. Dexter is silently surprised that Isaak proved to be such a “brutally efficient killer.” Debra asks what happened and Dexter describes how the biggest Columbian was killed. He then details how the bartender died.

Dexter: “Victim number two -- Looks like he got a shot off. But that didn't stop the assault. The attacker returned fire... twice in the chest, once in the stomach. Judging from the lack of pooling around the body, suggests that the victim was dead before the third shot.”

Lastly, Dexter recounts how Andres Rodriguez was murdered.

While investigating, Dexter discovers Isaak’s blood at the crime scene and he is arrested for murder. Isaak doesn’t stay in jail for long, though.


  • The bartender is the one responsible for Isaak's shoulder wound.

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