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Dexter and Masuka outside the house

Awilda and Daniel Ortiz's House is a location in Season Five of the Showtime series DEXTER.

It’s where a double homicide went undiscovered for a month, resulting in a maggot infestation.


2075 Ocean Way
Miami, FL


During the Santa Muerte Case, Detective Debra Morgan and Officer Cira Manzon check out a list of people who withdrew large sums of cash from an ATM. At their sixth stop, they park their unmarked car across the street from a blue and white house. Deb grumbles, “That's how I like to start my fucking day. You want to make a bet why this one was taking a wad of cash out of the ATM -- gambling, hookers, drugs?” Cira tells Debra that she’s very cynical. Deb responds that it's called "being a detective" and to blow her.

As they near the house, Debra remarks on the smell. When she looks in a window, she sees dozens of buzzing flies. They kick in the door and discover a grotesque scene in the bedroom. Two bodies, each crawling with maggots and flies, are lying on the bed. Neither were beheaded. Cira runs outside and vomits, while Debra phones in for support… and crackers for Cira.

A bit later, a patrol car pulls up with Lt. LaGuerta. Sergeant Batista walks behind her to the house. Reporters are already there, asking questions, but LaGuerta ignores them. Dexter Morgan and Vince Masuka are also on scene, dressed in bug suits. Masuka exhibits his knowledge of insects. "It's like the fucking food chain in action in there. Flies -- the blow flies are attracted by the smell and they lay eggs, and the beetles -- they're drawn by the larvae, and they burrow into every orifice --"

Debra tells LaGuerta that the victims are a couple named Daniel and Awilda Ortiz. ATM footage showed the man trying to make a maximum withdrawal about four weeks ago. Dexter says the bodies have started to mummify, and the wounds are consistent with a machete, like the other Santa Muerte victims. However, since there aren't any cult relics present, Dexter suggests that the Ortizes may have been the Fuentes Brothers' first killings. He says the defensive wounds and heavy smearing suggest the killers were still inexperienced.

Masuka remarks that Debra stinks. As she returns to her car for a jacket, she spots something across the street. When she tears away some posters on a wall, she finds a symbol that matches Jandro Mendoza's description of the tattoo on Carlos Fuentes' hand. She realizes that it wasn't a tattoo, but instead a hand stamp from Club Mayan. Debra begins yelling to her co-workers, "It was a fucking nightclub! It's a nightclub!"

As LaGuerta heads over to deal with the press, she tells Dexter that it’s nice to have him back.


  • "So we got their goddamn training wheels kill? Means we're back to fucking square one." - Debra to Dexter, LaGuerta, Batista, and Masuka

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