Awilda Ortiz is a character in Season Five of Showtime's series DEXTER.

She and her husband, Daniel Ortiz, were the first unfortunate victims of Carlos Fuentes and Marco Fuentes. It was only after three more people were killed by the Fuentes Brothers that their corpses, infested with maggots, were discovered by Detective Debra Morgan and Officer Cira Manzon.


Daniel was forced by the Fuentes Brothers to withdraw his money from an ATM and hand it over it to them. The Fuentes then murdered both Daniel and Awilda, using a machete. Their bodies were left in the house, unchecked for weeks.


During the Santa Muerte Case, Debra and Cira check out a list of people who withdrew large sums of cash from an ATM. At one stop, they park their unmarked car across the street from a blue and white house. No one answers the door and Debra remarks on the smell. When she looks in the window, she sees dozens of buzzing flies. They kick in the door and discover a grotesque scene with two bodies, each crawling with maggots, flies, and other bugs. Cira runs outside and vomits, while Debra phones in for support (and crackers for Cira).

Soon a patrol car pulls up with Lt. Maria LaGuerta and Sergeant Angel Batista. Reporters are already there, asking questions. Dexter Morgan and Vince Masuka are also on scene, with Masuka exhibiting his knowledge of blowflies and beetles.

Debra tells LaGuerta that the victims are a couple named Ortiz, and the man had made a maximum withdrawal from an ATM four weeks ago. Dexter states that the bodies have started to mummify, but it appears they were killed with a machete, like the other Santa Muerte victims. However, since there is none of the cult relics present, Dexter suggests they may have been the first kills of the Fuentes Brothers.

Debra spots something across the street. When she tears away some posters on a wall, she finds a symbol that matches a victim's description of the tattoo on the hand of his attacker. The symbol turns out to be an eye logo for Club Mayan, with the tattoo actually a hand stamp from the club.

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