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Arthur Bleek is a Character in Dexter Comics.

Revealed later, he was an undercover Federal Agent,


Steve Gonzalez said that Arthur once lived on the streets, until he requested help to change his life at the New Hope Foundation.


Bleek dies after he is stabbed in the back by an unknown assailant and his body is found in a parking lot. Upon examination, Dexter discovers that he was killed elsewhere, dumped in water, and then transported to the parking lot.

It is revealed that Bleek was investigating Steve Gonzalez, who killed Bleek once he discovered it.


  • Dexter: Issue 1 (corpse at crime scene)
  • Dexter: Issue 2 (corpse at crime scene)
  • Dexter: Issue 3 (corpse at morgue)
  • Dexter; Issue 4 (mentioned only) - Deborah discovers that Arthur Bleek was an undercover Federal Agent. A group of agents confiscate her work on the case and take her and the rest of Miami-Dade police off the case.

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