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Armando: Paid Off Witness

Armando is a character in Season Eight of the Showtime series DEXTER.

He’s a vendor who tells Joey Quinn and Angie Miller that he saw Zach Hamilton near Norma Rivera’s place at the time of her murder.


Wealthy Ed Hamilton is suspected of murdering his mistress, Norma. Detectives Quinn and Miller question possible witnesses in the area, including Armando.

Miller: “Excuse me. Miami Metro Homicide. Don't worry, you're not in trouble. What's your name?”
Armando: “Armando.”
Quinn: “I'm Detective Quinn. This is Detective Miller. There was a murder down here a few days ago.”
Miller: {presents photo of Ed and Zach Hamilton) “Take a look at this."
Quinn: “We were wondering if you saw that man around this time of day, early afternoon.”
Armando: “Si, I saw him.”
Quinn: “Can you point him out to me?”
Armando: (pointing to Zach) “Uh, this one.”
Miller: “Are you sure?”
Armando: “Yes, uh, he drive a Porsche, and you don't see too many Porsches around here.”
Quinn: “Would you be willing to come down to the station and give a statement that that's the guy you saw?”
Armando: (reluctantly) “I can come by later today.”
Quinn: “Yeah, that's fine. Here. Ask for me at the front desk.”
Armando: “[Speaking Spanish]”
Quinn: “Great." (then to Miller) "Wanna get his information?”
Quinn: (phones Angel Batista) “Hey.”
Batista: “Hey, what's up?”
Quinn: “Just got an eyewitness to place Zach Hamilton at Norma Rivera's around the time of her killing.”
Batista: “The son? I wasn't expecting that.”
Quinn: “Me neither.”
Batista: “Mm. I'll let Matthews know. He's been all over me about this case. All right, bye.”
Quinn: “All right."

Unfortunately, two hours later at the station, Armando suddenly can’t remember anything. This frustrates Quinn, and he tells Thomas Matthews that he was probably paid off to keep quiet.

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